Sunday, September 04, 2005

What to do...what to do!!!!

So today is Sunday already and we only have off tomorrow yet. It has been so nice being off though! Today we need to clean this apt. though because I swear a tornado went through! Where are the Merry Maids when you need them? Anyway, so we're decided whether to go up to Merrill or to go to Appleton tonight and spend the day tomorrow or what. We're not sure!

I finally watched Dazed and Confused. Such a strange, but wonderful movie. It really has no plot and no point, yet there isn't really a "bad" person in it and it's just a feel good movie! It's probably not something I would make a point to sit down and watch again, but it was good while watching.

So last night Matt and I took a walk around the Riverwalk. Well, I have a blister on the back of my foot from wearing tennis shoes that should have been thrown out 2 years ago the last time. So since I couldn't wear tennis shoes again, I wore flip flops....BAD MISTAKE. I then got bigger blisters on the heels of my foot and they are SO SORE today! I don't know why I do it. Along the Riverwalk is a Quiznos and I was REALLY hungry for Quiznos last night. Well we walk there around 7:45pm and it's closed!!!! I was so upset because when you get a craving, you have to have it! So we proceeded to walk back home and get in the car and drive to the other Quiznos! They were still open and the craving was solved! That was pretty much my night.

Nobody has returned my bike seat post and seat yet. I'm still hanging onto a little hope. Aimee said she's beat the person who stole it up. Thanks, Aimee :-) I'll keep that in mind if I ever find them! Happy Sunday everyone!

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