Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Non-stop action!

Well last night was quite the adventure. I went Christmas shopping (YES, I know it is September) and had to get home before Matt so I could hide the presents. Well, now there is not a lot of places to hide xmas presents when you live in a two bedroom apartment! Then Joce called so I was talking to her for quite a while when Matt called to say that his car didn't start! So while talking to Joce, I went to get Matt and came home. Well today Matt's car didn't start either so I had to go get him from work and then he rode his bike back (it's not that far!) So I am hoping he gets it to start tonight because it's raining and otherwise I'll be going to get him again. I don't mind going to get him, I just don't like the thought of only have one vehicle for us.

Today was just non-stop with work. My phone has never rang so many times in one day. I swear there was a crisis with every kid! It was unbelieveable! So now, I'm just relaxing before starting dinner!

I thought I would post quick to say hello! If anyone wants a funny story from Matt, look at her profile. That'll tell you what kind of night we had last night :-) Have a super night everyone!

SOMEONE leave me something!!!

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Zach said...

I'm leaving you something. Good luck with the car Matt. With regard to the phone Amy, you could always take the ringer out.