Monday, July 31, 2006

So here is Carmel. I promised another picture way sooner than I posted but eh, sue me! She is absolutely adorable and I get to see her again on Wednesday so you can see how much the little girl has grown. I was out of town from Thursday-Sunday which is why you did not see any updates (did you miss me?--the correct answer is YES!)

I went to a wedding on Friday and a baptism on Sunday so I was quite busy. Fiance is the Godfather for the baptism and the little girl is ADORABLE! I don't think I have any pictures of just her, but next time I'll get one.

Well, I accepted an internship at a hospital near Milwaukee and I'm quite excited about it, but nervous. I don't know how ready I am to start school again, but ready for not huh? It's coming much faster than I anticipated.

I have another wedding this Saturday and I am maid of honor in it. I am very excited and honored about it, but I have to write the speech! I'm nervous about that let me tell you. I don't mind public speaking, but this is talking about marriage and all that jazz and I'm not married yet so who I am to give advice? I'm going to try to be serious (hahahah) but we'll see how that goes. Any suggestions?

So where have all my followers been? Apparently nobody cared I wasn't around since the TT! Well I'm hurt people!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's that time again!

Well, I was going to skip this week, but hell, I'll join in. I think that Janet took the easy way out and Carmen has some wacky stuff going on, I'm going to be normal this week. Yay!

Thirteen Things about Me (I know you just can't get enough!!!!)

1. I cry easily...just try me...leave a nasty message and see what I do
2. I am very close to my family and love to visit and hang out.
3. I love noodles...just plain love them.
4. I have the two final weddings of the summer this Friday and the next Saturday
5. Fiance's goddaughter gets baptized this weekend so we're going to his home-town.
6. I don't like his home town.
7. I really do like country music (Janet, will you still be my friend?)
8. I haven't really felt like blogging lately.
9. I read at least 10 blogs every day.
10. My parents' new dog is HILARIOUS! She has short stubby legs and is soooo chubby!
11. Fiance makes me laugh at least once a's part of what keeps us sane.
12. He wanted me to do a post of "13 songs we're going to have at our wedding"
13. He usually comes up with my ideas for 13's because I swear he's way more creative then I am.

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So I know I've been horrible at blogging lately. For that I apologize. However, I haven't really been in the blogging mood. I haven't been in the mood for much lately actually! I do have pictures of the new puppy and I'll try to update this post later and post a new picture of Ms. Carmel (Carmen, it's pronounced Car-mel).

How is everyone's week going?

Friday, July 21, 2006

New Puppy

Today is the parents are getting a new puppy. Although I am still sad over the loss of my dog, Cashew, I am excited that my parents are getting another dog. Peanut is very lonely without her friend I think this may help. They get her today at 4:30 and we are naming her Carmel! Here is a preview, but I'm sure I'll have more after this weekend (we're going to visit of course!!!)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thanks to Nello for the banner!

13 recent junk mail I have received!

1. "Wanna hook up tonight?"
--Gee I would love too, but I have other plans!
2. "Confimation Needed: Riding Lawn Mower Available"
--Just what I have *always* wanted!!! Especially living in an apartment, that riding mower will come in handy mowing the lawn I don't have!
3. "Final Notice for Home Depot Gift Card"
--hmmm I don't believe I would have gotten a Home Depot gift card for my non-existent home.
4. "321 Henley Dr."
--huh what?
5. "If you're over 30 and single, read this ad"
--well, I'm not over 30 and I'm not really single so gee, I think you sent this to the wrong person!
6. "Do you want a free laptop?"
--Sure but do I look stupid to click on the link in your email? Nope!
7. "What would you do to get out of debt?"
--probably nothing you have to say
8. "Costa Rica Land--find out more!"
--and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you too!
9. "Earn your college degree online"
--I already have one, but gee thanks for thinking of me!
10. "Complimentary $1000 Victoria's Secret Card"
--so that's what Victoria's Secret is huh? They give away all that money in order for people to go there!
11. "Attemping to contact you--urgent"
--well if you say it's urgent, then I really won't answer you
12. "Lose 20 pounds in two days"
--after 20,000 this email MUST have the cure to lose all this darn weight I want to get rid of!
13. "Work from home and earn money"
--too late guys, I already do!!!!

I could go on forever, but I won't. I'll post tomorrow who won from last week's license plate challenge, but not many of you answered. So feel free to post a guess if you want. I haven't been up on posting this week, sorry about that. It's rude to not leave a comment so take a second and do it!
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Honestly nothing ***UPDATED***

Well, for once in my life I don't really have much to say but I felt obligated to give my wonderful "fans" (hahahahaha) a post today! I have to add up all my plates from the game and see who was closest although I think only 3 of you guys guessed. I honestly don't think people read my entire 13's sometimes because the majority of the people don't do what I say in the end! *ahem* Anyway, just saying hi. Anyone have huge weekend plans? Mine includes cleaning, grocery shopping and cleaning some more....what a fun weekend for me!

Happy Friday!

***UPDATE*** So I was just looking around at other blogs and was reading Carmen's blog and saw on her "Favorite Peep's" list was me!!!! Not only was my blog listed but my link is "The Very Funny Amy" WOW! Who knew I was funny? Now this is something I am definitely going to have to share with fiance. Next time he doesn't laugh at one of my jokes, I'm going to have to refer him to Carmen! Thanks, Carmen for making my week with that!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thirteen Thursday!

I was going to do a picture 13, however, the pictures will take up way too much room. I need to figure out how to do a slide show or something so that you can look at all the pictures without having to waste so much space (or I need to learn how to make them smaller!)

So here is a 13 of where we all went and what we did!

1. Sioux Falls, SD--we went to Falls Park which has beautiful waterfalls and had hiking and biking trails. There is also an observation tower that we climbed to the top of to look at the park from above.
2. Deadwood, SD--we went to Mt. Moriah Cemetary where we climbed all over to find the gravestones that Fiance wanted to see. We also camped in Deadwood for 1 night at a place called Wild Bill's. We also saw the exact location where Wild Bill was shot.
3. Rapid City, SD--we went to Chapel in the Hills which was AWESOME. It's a little church that was assembled in Norway and then taken apart and shipped to South Dakota to be put back together. It's very small, but very cute and is an awesome structure.
4. Outside of Rapid City, SD--We also went to Sitting Bull Crystal Cavern which is right outside of Rapid City. Some of the most beautiful crystals. We had to walk down 10 stories to get to them though!
5. Needles Highway--this was WAY cool and we were able to make it through all the caves and saw the "Needle's Eye" which was really cool as well!
6. Custer, SD--we went to see Crazy Horse and WOW will that thing be amazing when it's finished! The Mount Rushmore heads will fit into Crazy Horse's head when it's done. We saw a lazer show there that was great!
7. Keystone, SD--Mount Rushmore for fireworks on the 3rd. I do have to say that I will probably never see anything that cool EVER AGAIN!
8. Estes Park, CO--We walked around Estes Park and ate dinner and had homemade ice cream. We camped right outside of Estes Park so that we would be close to Rocky Mountain National Park.
9. Rocky Mountain National Park--We hiked around the park and saw a wonderful waterfall. That is also where the signed that I posted on my last post was from!
10. Denver, CO--we saw the United States Mint building but weren't able to go in because tours are booked through August! We also went to a botanical garden that redeemed us for not being able to see the Mint building.
11. Colorado Springs, CO--we rode the Cog Railway to the top of Pike's Peak and hung out there for about 45 minutes. We got hailed on as we were re-boarding the Railway.
12. Colorado Springs, CO--the next day we went to the Garden of the Gods and I'm telling you, if you go to CO Springs, go to the Garden of the Gods. It was the 2nd time I had been there and I loved it just as much. Fiance had a wonderful time. We hiked all over and got some of the most amazing pictures there!
13. CO Springs, CO--we went then went to 7 falls and just like the name, it has 1 continuous waterfall that has 7 falls within it. Very very neat, however, it was over 250 steps to get to the top. That may not seem like a lot, but combine it with high elevation and VERY STEEP stairs! It makes me tired Amy with an asthma attack. Ooops!

Well, that's the trip in a nut shell. It was so much fun. We also played the license plate game. Anyone ever played that on a trip? Where you try to find all the US States while driving. Take a guess at how many states we saw. The closet one will'll get a post dedicated to your page giving you advertising (sorry that's as good as I've got!)

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We saw more than one of these signs while in Rocky Mountain National Park. Fiance and I were laughing slightly because the poor child in the picture looks like he has no chance. We were careful to stay away from the riverbanks, but there were still people climbing through the river on to rocks and such.

Fiance's reaction when he saw this sign, "So Amy pretty much if either of us falls in, we're dead." Hmmm, thanks for that comforting thought!

Monday, July 10, 2006

"Oh to live on Sugar Mountain"

Fiance plays that song quite a bit and I thought it was fitting seeing as this picture was taken on the top of Pike's Peak. Yes, I said TOP! We were 14,110 feet above sea level. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating so it is not as clear of a picture as I would like. You can tell we are above some clouds though. It started hailing (on July 6th mind you) on us right when we were boarding the cog railway to go back down. It was beautiful though. We only got to stay for 45 min because the air is very thin that high up and people can become dehydrated and become ill because of the elevation. Fiance and I both felt fine, just a little dizzy near the end. It was so worth it though!

Pike's Peak
Colorado Springs, CO
14,110 feet above sea level

Although it is not the highest peak in CO, it is one of the most well known throughout the US and one of the most climbed, and visited peaks!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back home...and tired

We made it home! It took two days and about 17 hours to make it back from CO, but the trip was worth it. I can't even name all the things we did during the 10 days we were gone, but I thought I would post a few pictures. As you can probably guess, I'll be doing my Thursday 13 from the things we did. Here's just a few to keep you wanting more....

This is from Sioux Falls, SD and it is at a place called "Falls Park"! It is just beautiful!

This is the Badlands. So beautiful!

Here is one that needs no introduction! It's taken in black and white, and it had just rained so it looks as though they are sweating (it was really hot and sticky that day too!)

So thank you to Janet and goofy girl for being WONDERFUL guest bloggers. I appreciate the time you guys took to do that. Janet, what a wonderful idea for a 13. Too bad that more people didn't participate! Check back this week as I'll post more about our adventures and more pictures. Ahhh...I can't believe tomorrow is Monday and it's back to work.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Ed. #48

Graphic courtesy of Novelist in Training

Thirteen Things we like about this Amy chick ;-)
(I'll start off, you tell me in the comments what you like about Amy and/or her blog and I'll add it to the list!)

1. I like that she trusts me enough to let me guest post!

2. Heather says: I like that she seems very kind, sweet, and upbeat!

3. Carmen says: I think she has excellent taste in Favorite Blogs! :) AAAAND She's cool like 'dat!

4. Tess says: I love that she is letting her readers do her T13 - how original and *la-zee! but hey, vacation deserves a little laziness

5. Pink Chihuahua Princess says: I like that she and I seem to be in similar stages in our lives. I just got out of grad school (law), and am a newly wed.









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Live from the ROCKIES!!!

Hey there! I am sitting here in Denver and I can see the Rockies from this computer. This is the 1st access to a computer that I've had. Unfortunately, their Wi-Fi didn't work so I can't post any pictures yet. However, I think I have taken over 300 pictures so far. We have had SO much fun and we aren't looking forward to coming home. Thanks to goofy girl and Janet (fondofsnape) for doing some guests posts. It looks like Janet may be doing one more so check back for that and I'll be home on Sunday and I will DEFINITELY post some pictures then.

Happy Thursday! (Sorry no 13 unless one of my guest posters gets ambitious!)

Monday, July 03, 2006

fond of snape guest post #1

Hi all! I'm Janet, aka fondofsnape! Amy asked me to be a guest poster while she's on vacation and so here I am! I'll follow goofygirl's lead and tell you a bit about myself: I'm OLD, I live with my dogs, Wolf and Max, and my Dad!

Max and Wolf

I am in LOVE with photography and nothing makes me more happy than spending a day taking pictures :-)

Friday and Sunday I had two shoots scheduled, both of children. After Sunday's shoot, I'm considering starting a business in which I'll travel to people's homes to photograph their children (or pets, or themselves) in a relaxed setting, versus dressing up the baby, taking him/her to the mall or photography studio, waitingwaitingwaiting, possibly giving the baby time to get cranky, etc. What do you think?

That's all for now, I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Goofy Guest Post #2

I missed guest posting yesterday since I was away most of the day so I'd really like to say something but I really don't know what exactly to say. I made pancakes (strawberry & choco chip, yummy) with my friends today and then went to the pool - it was a very relaxing day. I'm meeting a high school friend for dinner and probably playing some tennis with my boyfriend and dog afterwards. The courts are lit up at night so we can play much later and when it's cooler!!

What did you do today?

Goofy Guest Post #1

Hello! I'm Goofy Girl for those who aren't familiar with me. I'm 25 and currently I'm in medical school. I live with my dog and my boyfriend. That's pretty much the basic info on me.

Yesterday I went to the outlets in Lancaster, PA with my mom. For those who don't know Lancaster is the home of some of the Amish. Since my mom and I took the backroads to the outlets we say many, many buggies out there. I really wonder what it would be like to be Amish. I wouldn't be blogging, I wouldn't be in medical school - I would probably be married and have several children, I would work long and hard on a farm all day. It just seems very different from my life now!!