Friday, December 28, 2007

I am alive!!!

Well, I am alive. I had a WONDERFUL vacation in South Carolina with my family. We did lots of touristy things and spent time with my aunt and cousin. We had a two hour delay in Atlanta on the way home, but still made it home safely around 5ish on Christmas Eve.

Everything else has been doing fairly well. My dad has his partial knee replacement today and is in the hospital until Sunday or Monday. He is doing well, just really tired and pretty sore. They have him on morphine so that is helping!

Tomorrow is the moving day. We leave my parents house at 7:30am and can get the truck at 9am. Then it's moving back to my parent's garage (my storage unit for about 2 weeks!) So it's been hectic around here. What's new with you guys out there?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Much Needed Break!

Well, tomorrow is the first day of my life! Tomorrow is graduation--apparently I am now a Master! Then bright and early on Monday, I fly out to South Carolina for a week vacation. I fly back on Christmas eve day, drive up to my parent's house and then celebrate Christmas! Then coming back down to my place on the 26th to finish packing. My dad has a partial knee replacement on the 28th, and I come back down and officially move on the 29th. Then I start my new job on January 2nd and I move into my apartment on January 11th.

What an upcoming month huh? I will extend the contest until I get back. I am going to give a HUGE tip: POST A LINK TO THE CONTEST ON YOUR BLOG IF YOU WANT TO WIN! (Was that blunt enough?) Haha!

Have a great holiday--whatever you choose to celebrate! Enjoy the season (and the snow if you have any!)

CONTEST: Name that puppy! *Sticky Post* *UPDATED and scroll down for new entries!*

Okay, so my parents are getting a new puppy after Christmas. Here is the problem: what the heck do we name her? So far my parents have Peanut and Carmel (and lost Cashew under 2 years ago). So...the names need to go together, but doesn't have to be a nut :)

So I am holding a contest. Submit your suggestion(s) for a puppy name (only one suggestion per comment, but you can put more than one comment--up to 5) and from the list, we will hopefully find a winner. Please have your submissions in by December 10th.

If you want to enter here is what you do:
--leave a comment (up to 5) with your suggestion
--post about this contest on your website with a link back to here! *Make sure to do this in order for your suggestion to be considered and to win the prize!

That's it. The winner will be picked soon after December 10th and will be contacted about the prize (which is a surprise!). Here is a picture of the new puppy to help:

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Last Week

Well, here we are, my last week of work. I am ecstatic as I think about what is coming up. I graduate in 6 days (I can't believe I will have my Masters in less than a week!) and then a week from today I leave for vacation!

I will start the new job on Jan. 2nd which is perfect as my dad has a partial knee replacement on Dec. 28th and I move all my stuff on Dec. 29th. So it's going to be a hectic month. I can't believe how fast everything is moving.

I am not decorating for Christmas this year as I'll be gone and moving. It's kind of sad. I didn't decorate last year for personal reasons and this year I was very excited about it. I also, just don't have time to make out Christmas cards. I really wanted to, but with lack of time, just really haven't been able to get them done.

Just a reminder...if you are participating in the contest above, you MUST have a link to the contest on your blog in order to be eligible to win :) Just a friendly reminder!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What do you call it when you can breathe again? Oh yes, R-E-L-I-E-F

Well, I was offered a job tonight. I asked for the night to think about it, but I am just so da*n excited about it that I don't know if I can wait until the morning to accept. It is the job that I wanted out of the two that I interviewed for. The job I was offered was the one that I interviewed for on FRIDAY. Yes, that would be only 3 business days ago and I already heard that they want me. WOOHOO!! I am VERY excited (as I'm sure you can tell!)

So it just makes me have a huge sigh of relief. It's just very nice that my quitting my job was validated. In the interview on Friday, we laughed, joked, and I felt very at ease. My profession is not an easy one so any time you can take to joke and laugh is precious time!

And for this to occur today, of all days, makes it even better. One year ago today my ex and I broke up. I was distraught and honestly didn't know if I would be able to wake up the next morning. My entire world had changed and I was unsure of even the next second. This morning didn't start out the greatest and I was nervous about the rest of the day. So when my phone rang as I was driving home, I was not expecting much. Then...a job offer!

Today will no longer be remembered because it was the day my life was shattered. Today will be remembered as a day that I started a new chapter in my towards making ME happy. That is the greatest feeling in the world!