Saturday, September 03, 2005

Evil people!

So Matt went into the parking garage today to pump up the tires on the bikes and get his ready to ride to the gym. He came back up a few minutes later and informed me that someone had stole the seat post, seat and gel seat cover off my bike! How rude!!! We went down there to check out if it was laying around somewhere, but nope, someone had taken it! Needless to say, we won't be leaving our bikes down in the parking garage anymore! It's a good thing we never put Matt's rode bike down there before. So I wrote a note and put it by the mailboxes stating to please return it and to warn others that someone took it. Someone must have really wanted that bike seat. It just makes me sad that someone would do that. I mean that seat and seat cover are over $30 and although that's not a ton of money, it's still extra money I shouldn't have to spend. It's just the principle. Anyway, so that's pretty much how my day is going.

Matt and I might go up to Appleton and possibly Merrill to visit our families over the long weekend. My parents still have the pool open and are going to grill out. Matt's grandma just got a new car so it would be nice to see her and the new car. We don't know yet!

Hope everyone has a SAFE and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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Aimée said...

Aww, Amy. You're so cute. I'm pissed at whoever stole your bike seat. If you ever find them, I'll beat em up for you. Oh, and I think you spelled subpoena correctly, too. I mean, you ARE talking to the Dallas County Spelling Champ ;) Hope all's well - we miss you here in the Eau C!