Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane..Unfortunately I know when I'll be back

Well, I am getting excited. I'm leaving for Arizona next Friday. WOOHOO!! I know I just went to South Carolina in December, but I am SO excited. After getting this much snow too, I am ready to go somewhere that it isn't all white. I miss the green. I miss the warm. I just miss being able to see if cars are coming down the road before turning.

Work continues to go well. I am just much happier all around. This past weekend a friend from college came to visit and that was a lot of fun. Then last night, my BEST FRIEND, and another old co-worker came into town for a conference so we went to dinner and went shopping for a bit. We went to dinner at Olive Garden (love, love, LOVE it) AND had a very attractive waiter which I have to admit..added to the enjoyment of the conversation, friends, and food!

In other news, the apartment is looking much better thanks to the patience of my mom and dad. Without their help, I would still be living in a pile of boxes, sleeping on my couch. So I am very thankful for that! I've had a bit of a cold which hasn't entirely helped the past week, but I'm just making the most of it.

Tonight, I am going to dinner at The Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) and I am VERY excited because I've never been to a fondue restaurant before. I'm so excited though. It's also Ladies Night so things are cheaper for ladies (woohoo!!) I have a coupon too so the night will be great!

What's new with all of you? I feel like it's been forever again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A record-breaking year!

Well, I had already said that 2008 would be my year :) Seems to be quite the record-breaking year...of snow that is! I haven't seen this much snow in I don't know how long. I believe, we have gotten over 80 inches of snow this winter. No, you do not need to adjust your computer read that correctly. EIGHTY FREAKIN' INCHES OF SNOW! Where are we supposed to put it? It is times like this that I am thankful to live in an apartment where someone else shovels my front walk and plows my parking lot, but sheesh...I can only clear my car off so many times before I'm fed up and want to move to Florida!

I am feeling better about my apartment. I attempt (key word: attempt) to get something done every day. Even if it is moving something or taking something out of a box. It's still progress right? I keep telling myself it is. I went to Kohl's yesterday with my mom (I LOVE that store) and got some organizing things that will hopefully make my closets easier to organize and make it easier to find all my s&*t.

Today I am stuck in my apartment. We are supposed to get 8-12 inches of MORE snow today and authorities have said to STAY OFF THE ROADS. Apparently it rained this morning and then turned to snow so the rain turned to ICE and in turns the roads are HORRIBLE.

I went to a basketball game on Friday night and went out with a bunch of cousins last night to celebrate their birthdays. Now, I am watching "Jon & Kate +8" as there are different episodes than the marathon from last week :) I just LOVE that show. Speaking of shows, the Cosby kids were on Oprah this past week and they are coming out with ALL of the seasons this fall in a box set. I SO WANT THAT! I grew up with the Cosby show and it is still a favorite! Merry Christmas to me 2008!

Have a great week!

Monday, February 11, 2008

8 children? And Still Alive?

Hello out in blogging world! Yes, it's been a slight departure again :) We all have those days, er weeks, right? I'm been in my own world lately and been neglecting my blogging friends and for that, I apologize! I do miss you when I'm gone though. But who can expect my blogging friends to comment on the same blog for 3 weeks? Ooops! It was MY fault that nobody was leaving me nice comments!

I watched a Jon and Kate + 8 marathon yesterday and have to admit, I wouldn't want 8 children, BUT I must say that those parents love all of those children and make decisions based on what would be best for the FAMILY not just for themselves. I was impressed with Kate. Yes, she gets upset and inpatient and may yell at times that aren't needed, but really, the woman has 8 children! She may also yell at Jon when he's trying to help, but really, the woman has 8 children (this could be used for almost any arguement-really!) The kids are adorable and do, for the most part, seem to get a long. I can't imagine having that many siblings or living in a chaotic house. It was refreshing to see so much love in a family and see parents that dedicated to their children. I really enjoyed watching the show and plan to watch more frequently.

On another aside....I did not enjoy the Grammys. I didn't feel they were that entertaining and honestly, I stopped watching. I was even shocked and how ugly a lot of the dresses were! Ugh! Where did those women go shopping?

It's freezing here again. It was about -40 with the windchill yesterday. Needless to say, I stayed inside all day and turned up the heat. I just hate the cold. I don't mind the snow, don't mind winter, it's the cold. The bitter cold that you can't even go outside. The cold that nothing living could survive. Ugh.

I still really enjoy my new job. It's a new adventure, but it's great. I'm still so glad I decided to move back to my hometown. Everything is familiar again and I'm feeling more and more like myself. So, overall, it was a GREAT move for me!

Well, I should get back to work instead of rambling on. What is new with all of you?