Tuesday, September 06, 2005

and it's back to work....

What a wonderfully long (but seemed short) weekend! Matt and I ended up surprising my mom in Appleton on Sunday night and then stayed there through dinner time on Monday. It was nice to just relax. Matt took advantage of the pool still being up and was in there most of the day. It honestly was just nice to get away for a while. Even though gas is expensive, it was worth it.

Well, today I had to go to Madison for meetings and then I had about 50 emails and about 12 phone messages to return from being on vacation. I tell ya, I think it's more stressful to come back from vacation then having just worked through! It's tough because everyone wants everything fixed yesterday and are very impatient when their phone call is not returned now! Needless to say, I got through the phone calls and have about a dozen emails to go through yet. Who said graduating and getting a "real" job was fun and exciting? That person needs to get out more to find out what fun and exciting really is. Don't get me wrong, the paychecks can be fun and exciting (except when you see why your parents always have hated that infamous "uncle sam"--I hate him now too!!!!).

This week is a short week--thank goodness! Thursday night is the Rolling Stones concert. Matt is honestly in heaven just thinking about going, so I am excited to go with him to see him so excited! I see the Rascal Flatts are coming to Milwaukee and tickets are only $39 which isn't bad at all, so I'm hoping we can go to that as well!

I meant to unpack last night, I really did, but somehow my bed looked so much nicer and I fell asleep really early! I almost slept through my alarm too, but Matt's was going off as well so I woke up to both of them going off! Then on the way to Madison, traffic was backed up about 10 miles because a large semi had tipped over into the ditch and traffic was down to 1 lane. That's always fun!

That's about it from here. I hope everyone had great weekends. What did you guys all do? Alright, well I think I'm off for a little shopping (or at least window shopping) and then home to clean and cook dinner (or reheat leftovers ;-) ) Have a great night!

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