Saturday, December 31, 2005

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Ready or not, here is comes....2006

So I remember just a few months ago (at least it feels that way), I was sitting in Chancellors with Joce practically crying about having to graduate and how scary that was. Now, I was just sitting here talking with Katie about setting our wedding date and applying for graduate school. Wow, how times change. As of tomorrow, I can officially say "I get married next year!!!!" It's a very exciting time and I can't wait for it but I'm also glad it's far enough way to be prepared and ready for it. Don't get me wrong, it would have been nice to get married in 2006, but with me starting grad. school and Matt starting his PhD program, I don't feel it would have been enjoyed. So that's why we're waiting. We both know we want to marry the other person, so what's the rush right?

Back to reality...I took this week off from work and I am SOOOO glad that I did. It has been a wonderful, relaxing week and I got to spend some extra time with my parents too. I enjoy being able to spend time with them and I'm sad when I leave, but I am thankful that I am now only 1 1/2 away instead of a little over 3 hours! I just think about how much my life has changed in only six short months and it makes me wonder what else is out there in the next six months.

New Years long do they even last? Of course, I have the same one this year as normal years....learn to exercise more. Having a fiance who does personal training and strength/conditioning camps, makes me realize how different we are...but it works for us!!! I dislike exercising very much and it's what he does for a living. Wow. Anyway, once I make it to the gym I actually enjoy myself, it's just a matter of getting myself there! I'm lacking in the motivation department. Anyone have any to spare me? I remember living with Becky and how we would go running together and that was always fun and then when I would work out with Joce. I miss the work out buddies.

My other resolution is to stop biting my finger nails. I really hate that I do it but I find myself doing it without even knowing. This one may even be harder than working out...I'll keep you posted. I know you are dying to know.

Alright, I'm off to clean and shower and make the most of today! I'm not excited to go back to work on Tuesday, but my sister might come visit on Wednesday so that helps! I miss her a ton. Have a wonderful New Year and keep in touch....

Sunday, December 18, 2005

A long, long, long time

Hello there everyone!

Well it has been pointed out by quite a few of you that I haven't had an update lately. Well, I'm sorry! Life has been really hectic around here lately, but almost a good hectic. Thanksgiving was really good. Matt and I went up to Appleton to have Thanksgiving with my parents and then my mom and I got up the next morning and were at the stores at 4:45am!!! You can call me crazy, but I love it! I found such great deals that I couldn't pass up and got my Christmas shopping done. I also wrapped most of the presents the following weekend and got that all done.

Matt and I also purchased our first Christmas tree (it's fake!) We put it up and decorated and everything. It looks wonderful! It's nice to have a Christmas tree with presents under it. It feels like home. I made some Christmas cookies (almost all are gone already) so I have to make more before Christmas.

I am almost done applying for graduate school at UW-Milwaukee. I am waiting for my letters of recommendation to come back and I have to write my essay. I have to have this all sent in and post marked by January 2nd so no pressure or anything (I really am going nuts about this!!!!!)

Let's see....what else is new. Matt found on the internet that apparently Waukesha holds this Christmas lights thing every year and this is the 10th year. It costs $15 a car and there are a TON of lights on about 45 acres of land. Well, let me tell was soooo worth the money! It was some of the best Christmas lights and decorations I've ever seen. Then we went into a little Christmas store thing and they had a sleigh that dates back to the 1800s. They were having pictures taken and asking for a $5 donation to go towards a children's fund. Oh course, I talked Matt into doing this and we got our picture taken. It's a really cute picture and even Matt admitted that he likes it!

My mom had surgery last Wednesday on her wrist and seems to be doing better. Her and my dad are coming down to visit me tomorrow so I took the day off. It'll be nice to hang out with them for the day and be able to show them our apartment all decorated!

I am also taking the week after Christmas off because I am just getting burnt out. It's not like a "I want to quit my job" burnt out, I just need a break. I've been working 6 months straight and with trying to plan the wedding, applying for graduate school, and just learning to live with a boy (yikes!), I need a break. It'll be nice. I can get some major overhaul cleaning done and also get to some of those books that I always wish I could stay awake for at night.

Well, I should get to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow to finish cleaning before the 'rents come. Oh, Joce and Ellie graduated yesterday. I'm so proud of both of them! It's such a great accomplishment!

Sorry for the randomness, it's been a while! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!