Thursday, January 20, 2005

100 Things About Me!

1. My name is Amy
2. I was born in Neenah, WI
3. To Dennis and Peggy
4. I am an only child
5. It took my parents 9 years to have me
6. So I am considered to be a "miracle baby"
7. I weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces
8. I was 11 days late
9. And I was stuck so I was a C-Section baby
10. My dad was the 1st to hold me
11. Because my mom was still "sleeping" from the medication
12. She was told she had a girl when she woke up and then she puked
13. I was a very good baby...wasn't colicky at all.
14. My mom ran a daycare when I was little which is how I met Katie, my "sister"
15. My dad played softball and basektball when I was little so I was always at games!
16. When I got a little older, I used to keep score at my dad's softball games for money!
17. My 1st job was at Schlotzsky's Deli
18. My mom was the manager
19. I went to public school K-6th grade
20. But was teased a lot so I asked to switch schools
21. Then I went to private school 7th-12th grade
22. It was close to our house
23. My parents bought their 1st house when I was in 5th grade
24. That meant I finally was able to get a puppy!
25. She was born August 9th
26. I have always been afraid of bees
27. When I was younger, an older couple lived next door to us
28. I adopted them as grandparents
29. I don't call my grandparents "Grandma" and "Grandpa"
30. I call them Onnee (my mom tried to teach me Nonnie, but it came out Onnee)
31. And Paw-Paw (she tried papa, I wasn't good with talking)
32. My godparents names are Barb and Jim but....(yep you guessed it!)
33. I called them Barbie and Mimmie (tried to get me to say Jimmy)
34. I have always been close with my mom's mom (she lives in FL)
35. Some of my favorite past times are from when she would visit and we would take walks
36. I had my 1st kiss in the 5th grade at a birthday party
37. I didn't have my 1st real boyfriend until I was 16
38. That one lasted 2 1/2 years
39. Thank God it didn't last longer
40. I found the love of my life right before my 22nd birthday
41. We started dating less than a month after meeting
42. And got engaged on our 1 year anniversary
43. I can't see myself with anyone else and can't even picture life without him in it
44. We are complete opposites when it comes to our favorite things
45. He's an outdoors person with biking, hiking
46. And I love curling up with a good book and reading
47. He always makes me laugh
48. I am extremely close with my parents
49. I talk to my parents every day (especially my mom)
50. I hope to move back to my hometown some day
51. I can't imagine life without my parents
52. I can only hope I am as good of a mom as my mom is
53. I always wanted two kids (1 boy and 1 girl)
54. I have always wanted a ranch home too
55. With a puppy
56. I love to bake
57. And am not the best cook in the world
58. I do try really hard though
59. I love to shop
60. I can't wait to get married
61. I got my undergrad degree in Social Work
62. It took me 5 years
63. And I transferred 3 times
64. Ended up graduating from the same University I started at (go figure!)
65. I love taking pictures
66. And wish I was better at it
67. I'm going to start my Master's Program this fall (fall of '06)
68. I love working with children
69. I love to read
70. I love movies
71. My favorite movie is "American President"
72. I also love really funny movies
73. I really enjoy scrapbooking
74. I don't do it nearly as much as I would like to
75. I work from home
76. Which is hard because then I don't get the interaction from working in an office
77. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment
78. In Waukesha
79. I cried the 1st time we came to Waukesha
80. It was rush hour and I had no idea where I was going
81. I'm not the cleanest person you'll ever meet
82. But I do hate having the kitchen and bathroom dirty
83. I'm a very picky eater
84. I don't like most vegetables
85. I love the moon
86. Our apartment has a moon is almost every room
87. I learned to knit recently, but haven't actually completed an entire project
88. I want to learn to crochet
89. I love candles
90. I used to hate the color pink
91. And for some reason, now I really enjoy it!
92. When I was young, I had three imaginary friends
93. My parents took me to the grocery store one day (when I was young)
94. And I screamed because I said my dad slammed the door on one of my imaginary friends
95. I must have had a very vivid imagination
96. I only have 1 living Onnee left (the one from FL)
97. I bought my first new car (an '05 Saturn Vue) last summer (summer of '05)
98. I already have 20,000 miles on it (I drive A LOT for work)
99. I love to camp and take drives to places I've never been!
100. I want to honeymoon on an island like St. Lucia

I hope you learned some things about me!!!!