Saturday, March 07, 2009

Another weekend...

Well, this weekend is the first in a while where I am not doing any traveling. I'm sticking close to home and just getting things done. I decided I was sick of my master bathroom (the decor) and went to Kohl's this morning to change that. I am pretty happy with what I picked out and plan to change that over this afternoon. I've also been able to make some muffins, get 2 loads of laundry done, clean the kitchen and hang up my clothes. I'm also watching some NCAA basketball as well. It's been a productive day but it feels good.

I do need to do some work this weekend as well. I hate working on the weekend when I'm not getting paid, but sometimes life happens and I just can't get everything done during the week. Oh well, it's not the end of the world.

Last night I ran some errands and when I got home I watched the movie "Why Did I Get Married?" I have to say...I was pleasantly surprised. I think Tyler Perry is funny, but I really enjoyed this movie. It wasn't his usual humor, but there were plenty of surprises and it just really struck me in some parts. It was intense, but also light-hearted. It is a movie that I would watch again. Janet Jackson was in it too and actually did well. I do want to see Tyler's new Madea movie too. There is something about Madea that just cracks me up.

Other than that, not much new. I leave for Tucson early next month and can't wait. Then I have my birthday shortly after I return. I'm excited for a fun-filled month :)