Monday, June 30, 2008

Dating in the world of single people

I have been the worst blogger lately. I have so much going on and so much I want to share and then I just get busy again. I was off last week on Thursday and Friday (a MUCH needed break from work) and I went to Country USA which is a country festival about 30 min. from my apartment. I had gone before and whether you like country music or not, many people just enjoy the tailgating, camping, and other things about the festival. It was a great time and the best part was I got to spend the weekend with my best friend who came!!!We definitely had some interesting experiences along the way, and we didn't want the weekend to end, but it was a great time! We went to see "Sex and the City" too and I didn't want the movie to end. I've heard some negative things about it, but I was really impressed how smooth of a transition from tv to a movie it was. It was great!

Prior to that weekend, I had gone to another Brewer game and had great seats. I saw my favorite player, Ryan Braun, stretching and warming up below, and went down to get some great shots. That was definitely fun and it was great to see him so close. I swear, we are getting married, he just doesn't know it yet!

So being single has its perks, and I will be the first one to say that, but sometimes it would be nice to have someone. Even just someone to call up and have come over to watch a movie or talk to on the phone for a while. I miss those parts. I miss the going out to dinner or a movie or just sitting around talking. I definitely feel I am ready to date again, I just haven't found anyone that I've felt like dating. I will admit that I am rarely home and when I am, I am too tired to do much of anything. I will also admit that I haven't really "put myself out there" to find anyone. I don't want a guy I meet at a bar. I haven't given up by any means, I'm just discouraged. I was talking with a friend/co-worker today who was talking about having tried internet dating. Now, I have absolutely nothing against anyone who does that, but it's just not for me. I would feel weird about it and just would never have the desire to do that. She gave up after meeting too many weird/creepy guys. So...Mr. Prince Charming I am sure is out there...but like a typical man, he is probably lost and too stubborn to ask for directions to even get to me!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

It was a good Father's Day for me and my dad. I took him over some lunch from Qdoba and then we watched the Brewer game together. When my mom got home with my grandma from church and lunch, I gave him his Father's day gift. I told him it was too heavy to bring out of my car so I had him go out there with me. When he opened the backseat, there was an envelope with tickets to the 4th of July Milwaukee Brewer's game! He was very excited. So we will be attending that game and hoping they win!!!

My grandma is here until Wed (she got in on the 6th) so I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with her. She is very funny. She turned 82 on Saturday and we had a party. Instead of having a cake, my mom bought decorated cookies and since she loves baseball, she had a baseball cookie! She loved it. I have pictures I will have to post.

The family reunion went really well too. It was great to see so many members of my family! The day went by so fast and before I knew it, they were all leaving. I can't believe it's another Sunday night and the week will again start tomorrow. I will post pictures soon of the reunion and my grandma's birthday.

To all you fathers out there or to you who have fathers, I hope everyone had a great Father's day. I am very lucky to have the father that I do and today was a great day to remind him of how special he is to me!

Thursday, June 05, 2008's not always about making lemonade

I have a stressful job. I don't think anyone could deny that. I really enjoy my job, but there are days when I feel like I put so much into it and get squat out of it. Today is one of those days. I went to the doctor a while back because I had been getting massive headaches. I found out they are actually migraines and now have medication for them. I have only had to use one pill (let me tell you--that thing knocked me out all night!)

People say when life hands you lemons, to make lemonade. Well, I wish it were that simple. Sometimes things are out of your control. I just need to remember that I can not control everything (nor would I want to) and that sometimes my best isn't going to solve everything. That is not something that is easy to grasp all of the time.

I am looking forward to this weekend though. Tomorrow I have an aunt and a cousin flying in from FL and another aunt, 2 cousins and my grandma driving in from SC tomorrow afternoon. I am incredibly excited to see all of them. It will be nice to have another 3 day weekend and to just relax and enjoy some time away from work and with family!