Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When does reality stop being real?

So anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy reality TV. I like American Idol, Bachelor(ette), The Biggest Loser, etc. However, this Jon and Kate thing has me pretty upset. Also most people know that I work in a field with children. My degrees are in Social Work and so I was taught all about children's development. What upsets me about this show is how the children are being raised. I have heard the argument about how they are doing the show in order to have money for their children. Well, guess what, the majority of America (and the world for that matter) have to do something called getting a job and earning for their family. I continue to get upset at Kate's comments about doing what she needs to in order to provide for her family. What is she providing besides money though? I can tell you that money is not the most important thing in raising a family. Those kids need love, consistency, structure and I have a hard time believing those things are being provided like they should.

I'm not going to get into who's to blame and who started what. I will say that I stopped watching Jon and Kate quite a while ago due to not being able to handle how Kate spoke to Jon. I felt she was extremely disrespectful and treated him as a child. At that point, I stopped.

So when is enough enough? When does reality no longer become real and people need to realize that people's lives being ruined is not "entertainment"? I guess I am not sure what the answer is either, but I do know that those children are going to have a challenging life due to being thrust in the spotlight and now having to deal with this very public divorce. I applaud celebrities who are conscious about making sure their children are in the spotlight as little as possible.

So my hope for Jon, Kate, and their eight children is that they realize what reality is without millions of people watching.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Migraines, naps, and rain

Yesterday it finally felt like summer and you know what I did? I slept...for 4 hours. Why, you ask? Well, because I had a migraine from hell. I seriously have never had a migraine this bad. I woke up yesterday morning and felt dizzy and just not right. I didn't think much of it and continued getting ready to leave for work. I went to my first appointment and felt even worse. When I got home, I knew that it was a dirty migraine. I took a pill and was out. Four hours later I woke up with the reminents of horrible pounding. It was definitely not a pretty day. To top it off, I had to get some errands done and quickly got ready to go out and run to the store. When I got home, I made some quick dinner and relaxed the rest of the night. I had no problem sleeping last night either. Whew. When I woke up this morning, I began feeling human again and so far today have been better. Let's hope it stays away for a looooong time to come.

I've always been a fan of naps but lately it's almost like my body expects naps. Now, I have no problem making sure my body gets what it needs but when I'm supposed to be working, it makes it difficult to nap. So I have to hold off until the weekend and then I'm so busy attempting to cram as much as possible into the weekend that I usually don't have time. Well, I was so tired last weekend from the week and the start of the weekend that I slept 12 hours Saturday night. When I finally work up at 1pm on Sunday, it was the most rested I've felt in a long time. It was well needed and deserved (if I say so myself!)

My only comment about the rain recently is that pretty soon I'm going to need to build an ark. I really feel like it's been raining SO much lately. I mean, I have a garden so I appreciate the growing aspect of the rain, but comon. Enough is enough!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did anyone else realize it's June?

I wish that Wisconsin would figure out it's summer and turn the heat on outside! It's been rainy (think: Seattle) and chilly. I'm not a fan of having to bring out my sweaters or jackets when it's June. My mom actually turned the heat on this past weekend because it was in the 50s and the chill wouldn't get out of their house. It was crazy! Now, I do fully realize that it'll be July or August and I'll be complaining about it being so humid and not wanting to even go outside and that my hair now lives in more than 1 zip code due to the humidity, but for now...I'm going to complain about it being cold. Today was a little better in the 60s and I commented that unforunately that seemed really warm due to the fact that the sun hadn't seen Wisconsin in quite a few days.

Overall though, I still can't believe it's June. I remember talking a few months ago about being so excited for summer to start and all the things I have planned and now it's here. Wow.

Well, I've had a pretty draining week so far so I'm headed to bed, but as always, wanted to put my two cents into whatever was bothering me at the moment :)