Monday, November 23, 2009


I don't know that I've ever said what I do in detail...however, lets suffice it to say that it's stressful. Along with that stress comes getting sick more often, feeling tired a lot of the time, and just not being with it all the time. Because of this, the agency I work for, gives 4 weeks of vacation when you start. I really appreciate this vacation time. We also have a "use it or lose it" policy for vacation. I was disappointed about this at first, but after working there almost 2 years, I get it. I need 4 weeks of vacation to stay sane (and at times, come back from being insane). So I leave tomorrow...I'm headed on vacation for a week.

I need it. I know people say they "need" vacation and to get away....I honestly do. These past few months have been trying...not just because of work but also because of thinking a lot about my life path (as talked about in previous posts) and just not feeling myself lately. This is the longest vacation I've taken in a while. I've done long weekend, but haven't done a week since I graduated grad school.

So I'm hoping to come back with less stress..I realize that some of the things I've been stressed about will be here when I get back, I'm just hoping to come back with a different stress level to be able to look at the situations in a different way and not "feel" them so hard. So have a great Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy your family and friends if you are spending it with them!