Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change We Can Believe In

No matter your political affiliation, today is a new day for America. As I sit here watching the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, I am proud. When I was born, I am sure my parents never thought they would see an African American President while they were alive, let alone a woman running who got so close and a woman running for Vice President.
I am proud. I am proud of America for not looking at color, but looking at the content of character. For not only electing a man who has high dreams and hopes for our country, but for believing that change was needed.
His speech was moving, heartfelt, and truthful. I will not deny that he has a lot to live up to with his speeches and promises to the country. And I will not deny that the road will be long and difficult, but I have faith that President Obama and his team can do it.
This is the first inauguration I have ever cared to watch. From the crowds lined up at the National Mall well before the day's activities began, to the millions watching it live, today is a new day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another year...

Where did 2008 go? I feel like it was just 2008 and I was saying how fast a year had gone by. I feel that way again. Wow. 2009.

Well, here is my letter to 2009:

Dear 2009,

When 2008 came around, I had learned a lot in the previous year. Well, I can say the same for 2008. During 2007, I learned to live alone, and during 2008, I learned to take time to grieve for things that I had buried myself in work and school during 2007. The year 2008 came with a move to a new apartment and a new job. I made sure this year to take time to get to know myself better and I became more comfortable with who I am. I'm definitely not perfect, I have quirks, and bad habits, but I am me. I took the time to think about where life has brought me and all that I have to be thankful for. I also took the time to grieve and be sad about things that I thought would be different at this point in my life. I had hoped to be married and perhaps becoming a mom soon. Obviously those ideas took a very different turn, and although, now I am okay with this, this took time for me to be okay with. 2008 was a difficult birthday for me. I wanted nothing that had my age on it this year. I am now at peace with my age knowing that age is only a number and does not discriminate against what I can still achieve. 2008 brought some sadness in knowing that I had achieved many goals I had set for my life. 2009, you bring me hope that I can set new goals and work towards achieving those. I hope that 2009 brings more travels, more happiness, and more contentment. 2009 started with another move, but not another job. I'm content with where I am in my employment. I do have dreams for what I would ultimately want to do, but I have time. Although it's not a daily thing, I do feel as though I am making a difference with the children I am working with and that helps me know why I work so many hours and stress myself out.
So, 2009, I am ready for you. I am ready for the challenges you bring, the happiness you can provide, and the potential sadness that can occur. I become stronger every year and I no longer fear my birthdays, but realize that with the passing time, I am becoming more and more the person I am meant to become. So...let's go 2009. I'm ready for you!