Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Number 300!!!

This is my 300th post. I actually never thought I would ever do something like this and then I started and would post really frequently and now I'm back to being like "oh shoot...have I written anything this month?" I have noticed that this usually coincides with my moods. I do enjoy looking back at old posts and thinking about where I was and what I was going through. So thank you for reading and if you've read all 300, way to go :)

I am not one to preach about religion or political views on here. My family and friends know my beliefs and how I view the world, but for the most part, I keep that out of my blog. Well, today I have a complaint. And my blogging friends, it's one that I feel strong enough that I am going to write about here. I was brought up to treat people as equals and not to judge people. I think most people would say that was also how they were brought up. That is where I struggle. I see so much hate and judgement in this world, that I find it hard to believe when people say this to me. I actually had someone say to me today "Well, I think everyone should be treated equal except gay people should not be able to get married." Umm...explain to me how that is treating everyone equal then? And how is that not judging someone and their lifestyle?

I will not "call out" a specific religion, but I was raised in a certain religion that I no longer participate in. This is due to what I felt was significant hypocrisy that I can not stand with. I'm not sure how a religion can say that everyone should be forgiven and treated equally except...when they don't agree with what is happening. It really is maddening for me. I have a hard time looking at the world I live in and see this.

I believe in equality for all humans...we are all humans and we deserve to all have the same rights. I think that everyone, if we chose to, could look at each person and find something in their life that we did not agree with. Does this mean that they don't have the same rights or don't deserve the same opportunities?

Okay, I am breathing better now. I think I have such a hard time with this also due to my job. If people don't know, I am a therapist who works with children who are in out-of-home care (don't live with their biological parents). I work with these kids to believe that they can achieve things in their life, but feel like this is lying to some children.

So, for the first time in 300 posts, I am putting this out there. Please just think about this. You can agree or disagree with me. That is completely your choice. And I won't judge you for that.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Every day is a winding road....

Ever have one of those days where you have the entire day planned out and yet nothing goes the way it was planned? I had one of those this week and although my day was hectic...I was just annoyed all day. I am not a person who needs to have a schedule, or even enjoys having a schedule most of the time, but when I have a busy day at work, I like it go as planned. That was not how the day went. Appointments were changed around, kids were sick, people were late. Ugh, by the end of the day, I was surprised I don't drink more!

In other news, I'll be spending time with my mom (and dad) this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day. I already took my mom to see RiverDance so she already received her Mother's Day present! We are going to be planting a garden this weekend which I am very excited about. Let's see what we can grow this year. I am not the world's best green thumb, but it's nice to try!

Hopefully wherever you are, you enjoy the weekend and hopefully the weather is nice. If you are a mom, Happy Mother's Day!