Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is this thing on?

March 13, 2013...that's apparently how long it took me to write another post.  They say life gets crazy and things get forgotten and this was definitely one thing that got thrown by the wayside.  I had someone read my blog and comment that I should post more often and my mom recently asked me when the last time I posted was....I didn't realize it was 2011!  Wow how times change and flies!  Although not necessarily on when you're having fun.

Life has definitely changed.  I was living near Milwaukee, had a live in boyfriend....I then moved in Chicago (and loved the city) but broke up with the boyfriend and then couldn't afford to stay in Chicago.  So I'm back in my hometown looking for work and attempting to stay sane through all of these changes.

Now let me just say that I hate change.  I know it's inevitable and I'm resigned to the fact that it happens every day however, I still don't like it.  Change gives me the creeps.  A new computer system at thanks.  A new way of having to do something, not for me.  I'll do it but don't expect me to be happy about it.  That being said I've had a LOT of change in the past few months and it's got me thinking.  Who the heck said growing up was fun?  I say it's a trap!  Don't grow's a trap!  Now yes, there are good things about growing, not having a curfew? 

So I once again find myself picking up the pieces and attempting to make things work through change.  Sometimes I think someone thinks it's really funny to mess with me and give me more change than I would EVER want.  But there is one good thing about change and having to figure things find out who your true friends are and what family really means.  I love my parents and am very close to them, but they have been absolutely wonderful to me through all of this even when I've been snappy, out of it and sometimes just not myself at all.  Through it all, they have been there and been willing to help out however they can.  I have also found that I have a small group of really great friends.  I've never been one that has needed or wanted a ton of friends and they say when times get tough, you find out who is really your friend.  I have found that to be true time and time again. 

So my head is up, I'm applying for jobs and I'll get through this.  Just another test in this trap of adulthood.  They always think you have it bad, just look at the person who has no place to live.  I'm incredibly grateful for what I have and am looking forward to getting back on my feet and forging ahead!!!