Saturday, October 27, 2007

What to do?


So I have a dilemma. I dislike my job. I want to move. I'm not happy where I am.


I don't know that I can afford to quit my job in order to move and then find employment. Here is the issue: I have been getting frequent migraines, feeling ill and just all-around crabby. I have a feeling it's from the stress of my job (I won't get into the details of the reasons behind the stress).

I'm contemplating whether it's worth feeling better, not getting migraines and hopefully being happier for having to pinch pennies for a while.

What would you do?

***I should put a discloser on here to say that it is NOT, I repeat, is NOT due to the actual work that I do. I truly enjoy the actual "hands on" portion of the job. It is other things pertaining to the work environment that I do not like. I hope that makes things as clear as mud :)


Goofy Girl said...

:( I'm sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like if you're getting things like migraines it would be worth it to move, but I owuld just make sure it's one of those things that's not going to be at every job. I hope you figure things out :) Email me if you need to!

Katie said...

Hi sis, Sorry to hear that you have been feeling so crappy lately, i can only imagine all the stress of the job and trying to do the last finishing things of school....i think you should do what you can to make yourself happy, find somethig that you love (ok, to do on a daily basis) and wherever that is, whatever that is...go for it. just know that no matter what you do and where you go to do it, i'll be behind you and be here for you when ever you need me, as always.
all my love, katie

Amy said...

Ok so Amy you need to really really be careful. Bad jobs can be toxic. SO: you might want to sign up at a temp agency so that you could find a low stress job for the in-between time that will let you get out of this crap job and yet still making money.

martyn said...

If it is really getting youn down you shouldnt stay there. I know you need to make the money to live but if its causing you so much stress I guess it just is not for you. You wont be letting yourself down by quitting now because you have put up a good fight.

Hope you get it all sorted soon x Keep us postedd & take care.