Sunday, October 07, 2007

Life Happens

Well, as you can tell, I haven't been the best at posting lately. I hope you all will still stick with me. It's been hectic. I am almost within two months of graduating and I'm hopeful to make some pretty big life changes soon after that.

Life has been going by fast lately. Lots of homework, work is crazy, and plenty of traveling. I have been really tired lately. I think it's just been a lot of stress lately and then not sleeping the greatest = a lazy Amy. So that has been part of the reason I have been writing. I also have taken more time to look inside myself and see where I am in the healing process. I'm feeling pretty darn good about all of this and definitely have a more positive outlook. Which helps in just my every day life.

Well, I am going to continue watching the Packer game and then head to bed. Happy Sunday night or Monday (depending on when you read this!)


Goofy Girl said...

It sounds like you're doing well minus having a little too much to do. :) I hope things calm down for you soon!

Amy said...

We have missed you! I am glad the healing is coming along. Traveling is always a fun (if not hectic and crazy) thing to do! =)

kailani said...

Maybe I should consider getting a cactus, too. hee hee