Friday, July 14, 2006

Honestly nothing ***UPDATED***

Well, for once in my life I don't really have much to say but I felt obligated to give my wonderful "fans" (hahahahaha) a post today! I have to add up all my plates from the game and see who was closest although I think only 3 of you guys guessed. I honestly don't think people read my entire 13's sometimes because the majority of the people don't do what I say in the end! *ahem* Anyway, just saying hi. Anyone have huge weekend plans? Mine includes cleaning, grocery shopping and cleaning some more....what a fun weekend for me!

Happy Friday!

***UPDATE*** So I was just looking around at other blogs and was reading Carmen's blog and saw on her "Favorite Peep's" list was me!!!! Not only was my blog listed but my link is "The Very Funny Amy" WOW! Who knew I was funny? Now this is something I am definitely going to have to share with fiance. Next time he doesn't laugh at one of my jokes, I'm going to have to refer him to Carmen! Thanks, Carmen for making my week with that!

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Carmen said...

Geesh, it's just a link ;) LOL. Was I even close with my license plate guess?