Monday, July 03, 2006

fond of snape guest post #1

Hi all! I'm Janet, aka fondofsnape! Amy asked me to be a guest poster while she's on vacation and so here I am! I'll follow goofygirl's lead and tell you a bit about myself: I'm OLD, I live with my dogs, Wolf and Max, and my Dad!

Max and Wolf

I am in LOVE with photography and nothing makes me more happy than spending a day taking pictures :-)

Friday and Sunday I had two shoots scheduled, both of children. After Sunday's shoot, I'm considering starting a business in which I'll travel to people's homes to photograph their children (or pets, or themselves) in a relaxed setting, versus dressing up the baby, taking him/her to the mall or photography studio, waitingwaitingwaiting, possibly giving the baby time to get cranky, etc. What do you think?

That's all for now, I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I bet that a business like that has the potential to take off really well! It definitely would be a lot easier for the pets or babies having their picture taken.

Maribeth said...

I know you will make a success of this! You are so talented!!!

Goofy Girl said...

i think that sounds like a great business idea!! Can you come to NJ and take pics of little Wolfie!

You aren't old :P

Michelle said...

First off Janet is NOT old. She is a great photographer though. I know this because she took some photos of me that I acutally liked AND I have never said that before!

I think the visiting photographer idea is fantastic. Are you rates on your website yet? I really want a shoot with Marley.