Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thirteen excuses/reasons I hate to exercise

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As a side note: my fiance is a personal trainer and I hate to exercise!!!!!
1. My reason for not canceling my membership: I'm hanging on to the hope!!!!
2. When asked if I am going to exercise, I say "Maybe 'morrow!"
3. Seriously, who LIKES to be sore and not able to move!
4. Gyms are like germ incubators.
5. It takes a lot of effort to change into work out clothes, drive to the gym, come home and shower.
6. I hate.hate.hate to sweat!
7. I would feel an obligation to eat better if I exercised.
8. If I did sweat, I would need to drink more water...and ewwww...I just don't like plain water.
9. Honestly, what else would I have to complain about?
10. I hate those people who go to the gym with their hair all made up and their make-up caked on....ummmm honey--you are at a gym....g-y-m.
11. It feels like whenever I'm there, there are at least two men by the weights attempting to lift WAYYY more than they can and grunting louder than I have EVER heard just to prove they can.
12. I love to say "oh I don't need to go to the gym today" "why not?" "Oh, I cleaned the house and took the stairs up to the apartment." Yeah, like that's helpful.
13. Moral of the story: as much as I complain, hate it (yes, even despise it), I still know I need to go. Oh well, maybe 'morrow!
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YellowRose said...

Ugh, exercise....don't remind me!!!

Happy Thursday!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I definitely agree with #10. I always feel like the ugly girl at the gym b/c I'm in actual workout clothes instead of some matching Nike outfit from the local Footlocker.

Happy Thursday!

Ficklechick said...

Hah! I love it! My daughter and I joined the gym a month ago. We haven't stepped foot in there once.

I'm such a good role model for her. ;)

FatedHearts said...

I hate to sweat as well and yes I always said I will excercise tomorrow but tomorrow never comes hahahaha but yes I know I have to do it, I must, I will ....arghhhhh...Stop growing you fat!! hehehe i'm pathetic, I know.

Happy Thursday! mine is up.

Melanie Morales said...

I hate gyms; don't mind the great outdoors so much; but I loathe gyms! My TT is up!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Despite paying for my membership for months without using it, I still haven't cancelled. It is for the YMCA and my son and my hubby go all the time, but not me. I started yoga - and loved it, but somehow got out of the routine...

your list was really funny

Wystful1 said...

Come by and pick up any or all of my T 13 banners-headers!!

Happy0303 said...

I remember when my husband joined the gym. I convinced him to get me a membership too so that we could go together. It's now 4 years later and I still haven't gone once! BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!

Darla said...

Hahahaha... Great minds obviously think alike. You should try my TT instead of going to the gym (it's about exercise videos).

Carmen said...

Every day on my way to the gym, I think to myself "ugh". Now I've hired a personal trainer, so next week, I expect to not be able to move.

Maribeth said...

I think we are wins separated at birth! Seriously, you stated all my reasons for hating to go to the gym. Especially the hating to sweat thing.

Reverberate58 said...

I hate exercise and going to a gym. So I baought a treadmill that doesn't get as good a workout as it should! I keep trying!

My T13 is up!

Goofy Girl said...

I agree, I hate exercise and I need it more than ever now.

I actually don't think the banner is one of mine tho hehe opps!

Becki said...

I know what you mean that is why wwe bought a home one. The whole get changed drive to the gym park go in do your thing only to get int he car drive home and then shower is a pita and i totally avoid it too

Janet ( said...

I love going to the gym, I love water, I don't mind sweating...but when I go I think everyone is secretly looking at me and thinking to themselves "why does she even bother?"

TLC said...

I have a membership at a gym. I haven't been since February. Whoops.

My T13 is up.


Karen said...

Oh, I know how you feel! I am glad the gym at my apartment is free, well, not really, but you know what I mean. I NEED to go all the time, but rarely ever do.
Good luck!

My TT is up!

wrigley said...

i can sooo relate to what you're saying. i failed at the two times that i joined a gym.

my first time to join a gym, i did go because my boyfriend and i just broke up and i wanted to be in shape so that he'll regret having to lose me. we got back together after a few months and i quickly forgot about going to the gym.

the second time, after paying for six months' worth of gym membership and going there for a month, i found out i was pregnant and my OB-Gyne advised me against it.

i do hope you'll be able to bring yourself to go. just look for more funny things at the gym like what you said about men lifting impossible weights. :)