Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I love kids. It's not something that I hide well either. So this weekend when my little cousin was in town, we had such a blast. I was able to play with her and get her to laugh and giggle. She enjoyed my parents pool as well! She walked around saying "pool" all day and would go to anyone willing to take her in the pool! She even had her own little dolphin floating device that she sat in very contently. I just can't believe how darn cute she is! And so smart. Her motor skills are wonderful. Even fiance was impressed with the amount of talent and smarts she has already at 18 months.

On another front, we think we may have figured out where we want our honeymoon. Fiance wants to go to St. Lucia and I'm fine with where ever we go as long as: there is a pool, there is sun and there is the ocean. We found a great Sandals Resort there that has gotten rave reviews on trip advisor as well. So we're checking out the options and seeing what we think we can get as a deal too! I think that is the most exciting part of planning: where are we going on our honeymoon?!?!?!

Has anyone been to St. Lucia? Where did you go on your honeymoon (if you've had one)?


Maribeth said...

I haven't been to St Lucia. I have been to St. Maarten, Antigua, Bermuda and Barbados. All but Antigua I loved. But for our 25th anniversary in a few years I told Hubby I want to go back to Barbados. I really loved it there.

Carmen said...

Never been to St. Lucia, nor have I had a honeymoon - well crap, now I'm depressed. :) I think your requirements (pool, beach, sun) are reasonable. :) I have been to Aruba, and liked it very much.

And your little cousin - cutie!

Goofy Girl said...

Ohh that sounds like a great honeymoon, although I have no experieve in the carribean. So I'm jsut basing it off of what it sounds like!

Cute picture of your cousin!!