Thursday, June 05, 2008's not always about making lemonade

I have a stressful job. I don't think anyone could deny that. I really enjoy my job, but there are days when I feel like I put so much into it and get squat out of it. Today is one of those days. I went to the doctor a while back because I had been getting massive headaches. I found out they are actually migraines and now have medication for them. I have only had to use one pill (let me tell you--that thing knocked me out all night!)

People say when life hands you lemons, to make lemonade. Well, I wish it were that simple. Sometimes things are out of your control. I just need to remember that I can not control everything (nor would I want to) and that sometimes my best isn't going to solve everything. That is not something that is easy to grasp all of the time.

I am looking forward to this weekend though. Tomorrow I have an aunt and a cousin flying in from FL and another aunt, 2 cousins and my grandma driving in from SC tomorrow afternoon. I am incredibly excited to see all of them. It will be nice to have another 3 day weekend and to just relax and enjoy some time away from work and with family!


Goofy Girl said...

Sometimes things just suck period. :( Hope things get a little less stressful for you - and hope you're having a wonderful time with the family coming into town!

Janet said...

I hope you had lots of fun this past weekend!

Carmen said...

Ugh, migraines. Sorry about that. I get 'em, too. The meds are STRONG!

I hope your weekend made up for the stress.