Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I have "on my plate" right now

1. I have one more Saturday class this week with a paper due (10-14 pages....ugh!)

2. I am still working 32 hours a week, doing internship 20 hours a week and attempting to have a social life (attempting is the key word there!)

3. I am going out of state soon so I am trying to plan (and budget) for that!

4. I really need to clean up the apartment (like scrubbing the tub and toilet)

5. I wish I could spend more time with my family so it's been stressful not seeing them as much.

6. I have another semester with three classes plus work, thankfully no internship though!

7. I have to figure out my life plan after December and getting my Masters

8. I have papers to do for internship before the end of August.

9. I am on a lot of committees for work, which can be fun, but at this point are a source of stress!

10. I can't seem to sleep as well which makes the days really looonnnngggg.

11. I want to read the last Harry Potter!!!!

12. I have a lot of emails that I need to read through and reply to!

13. I need to take some time to just enjoy life!

Thanks to goofy girl for not only the banner but also adding my BlogHer Ads on the side. Take a peak or click on them if you wish :)


Gattina said...

Wow ! I think this list will keep you busy for a while !

Goofy Girl said...

You sure are a busy one! Sounds like you need to schedule in some down time for yourself!

MamaLee said...

Get some rest, busy girl!

happy TT!

Janet said...

Try to have some fun!

Goofygirl is GREAT, isn't she! She recently redid my fondofphotography and I LOVE it!

Sparky Duck said...

Internships sound like they suck

Suprina said...

What a list! I do think you need to take some time for yourself and just enjoy life....

Awesome TT!

damozel said...

The last Harry Potter rocks. Love the graphics...

Carmen said...

I go through periods of not sleeping, too. It sucks.

I hope you get time to read the new HP book. It's soooooo good.

Candy Minx said...

Wow, I love the look of your blog. Goofy Girl just redid my blog for me...she is terrific!

You sound so busy...and it will feel good to catch up on all those odds and ends. Hope you have a great weekend!

Here is my TT list:

Amy said...

So I clicked on the blogher ad dealy and was wondering what actually happens with it... how does that work?