Saturday, July 28, 2007

A small package...a huge surprise!

Well this week was just a long week. As you can see my TT, I am very overwhelmed right now and just can't seem to see the end in sight. My parents had sent me the new Harry Potter book earlier this week (thanks, guys!) and on the outside of that package, it said "look for something else later this week." Yesterday they came down and took me out for dinner (to a restaurant called Champps), and it was really yummy! It is like a sports bar, but they have everything from steak to burgers to fajitas. So there was something for everyone!

Well, today, I got home from my LAST Saturday class (YES!) and I was talking to my mom and checked my mail. There was a package in there for me. I couldn't wait to get upstairs...and what did I find you ask? Remember this?

My mom reads my blog occasionally and had seen that I had lost island girl's giveaway and that I really liked them and really wanted them. So they decided to send them to me as a surprise. I jokingly told my mom that I better post it before everyone else orders theres (or has to cancel their order for me...since I know everyone ordered me one...ha!) for me. Then I said I should post them to show how nice my parents are and my mom said "yes, I will look for that later." So here you go, mom and dad. The world can now see that I have the best parents in the world!

Oh and by the way, my mom is still waiting to get credit for doing the majority (okay 99%) of the organizing of the apartment after my ex got kicked out, er moved, in December. So there ya go, Mom :)
Happy Weekend everyone!


Goofy Girl said...

Awww that was so sweet of your parents, how cute!

kailani said...

Aren't Moms the best. No matter how old we are, they're always taking care of us. What a wonderful thing for your Mom to do!

Janet said...

Great of your parents, and I'm glad your Mom is so supportive! Go Mom!

Amy said...

Your mom sounds so, so sweet!! She read your blog and got you a present!!

btw- they think it might be an ulcer or something like that.