Sunday, April 22, 2007


So yesterday I turned 25. Quarter Century Club or something like that. At first, I didn't like the thought of turning 25. I feel like 25 is the defining year when you are finally grown up--whether you want to be or not! It's especially hard turning 25 and feeling as though you will never find the person you are meant to be with. I know I'll get over that and will look at more positives.

I went by my parents for the weekend and had a great time! Friday we went out to eat at Uno and had a great time. Then on my actual birthday, it was more low key. My mom and I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" and I really enjoyed the movie. I had read the book a while ago and thought they did a decent job making it into a movie!

Well, I will post again tonight or tomorrow as goofy girl sent me questions to answer. Have a wonderful day!


Goofy Girl said...

Happy Birthday Chica! I am sure you will find a perfect guy for you. :)

Carmen said...

Happy birthday.

Eh, 25 is nothing. Try 35 and wondering about the guy. ;)

Janet said... be 25 again :-)

Nah...too much worry at that age...39 was GREAT!

Happy Belated, I'm glad you had a good weekend :-)

Kailani said...

Happy Birthday! Don't worry, the right one will come along eventually. I didn't meet my husband until I was 35! LOL!

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