Thursday, February 01, 2007

I was nominated?

So I've never been nominated for anything. Wait, I take that back. I was "randomly" drawn from a hat and picked for Prom Court (ugh!) I needless to say, um how do you say...lost? However, I do still have my sash that says "Prom Court" Is that tacky?

Anywhoooo....the point is SOMEONE nominated ME for the Share The Love Blog Awards? Who is this wonderful person? Please show yourself.

So now...I need YOUR help! If you like me (and if you are reading this, you better!) then give me some props on your page and get the word around to VOTE VOTE VOTE! Make up a VOTE or DIE campaign. Give your best you rah rah. Do it! Together we make me successful (er, or win an award!) Comon people :-)

Oh and this is the kicker...I was nominated for most inspiring! Am I inspiring you vote for me and get my name out there? Help me win everyone! Now I'm pumped...this just made 2007 start out AWESOME!

Go here:

Go down to category 5 and I'm under Life After College-A Real Job

Let me know after you've voted. You can vote for a week I believe. Now move it (that was inspiring wasn't it????)

Oh and while you are over voting for me (cause I know you will!), please make sure to vote for Gone To Plaid for Best Design and Goofy Girl or Local Girl for Happiest Blog! Thanks!


Janet said...

Awesome! I voted, for you and Heather & Carmen, too :-)

Carmen said...

Awww. thanks for the props, man! I think your blog is very inspiring. :)

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I voted for you sweetie. Congrats to you!

Goofy Girl said...

Yay! :) I dunno who nominated me either, but it's fun!

local girl said...

You are definitely an inspiration. I voted for you! Good luck!