Friday, April 07, 2006

A late one...again

Yes, I am late with updating this again. Seems to be a tradition around here. Oh's my blog and if I'm late writing an update, who cares, right?

I'm just going to do 13 random things because I can't think of a theme this week and honestly, I don't have the creativity today either.

1. Matt and I get new living room furniture today! A new couch, chair, ottoman, coffee table, and 2 end tables....fabulous!

2. My sister graduates in under a month and I just can't believe it....seems like yesterday we were playing together at Tiny Tots.

3. So this week at work has SUCKED...too many people whining and crisises happening everywhere...EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN FOR 1 DAY!!!

4. I know the photographer that I want for the wedding and I've talked with him, but we can't seem to find a day to get together in Appleton and I don't want him to be booked by someone else!

5. I've been under a lot of stress lately (can you tell????) to be able to figure out grad. school, full time job and planning the wedding....I am honestly getting a headache just thinking about.

6. I do miss my parents...I keep telling myself that I'm almost 24 and I shouldn't need to be by my parents so much, but then I remind myself that I'm one of the lucky few to honestly love my parents and want to be with them so then I allow myself to miss them again :-)

7. I miss the Eau Claire that I left last May. Going back now it's not the same nor will it ever be again. Looking back, college is fun and was such a unique time in my life and I will never forget it!

8. I've also realized that in order for me to grow into the person I want to become, I needed to leave Eau Claire and everything that meant. I could not achieve my goals in life in EC and I am learning to accept that.

9. I honestly am very excited to be starting my graduate program this fall. Who knew that I would be going for a Master's degree? That just seemed so far away...

10. I am excited about asking my bridesmaid's to stand up in the wedding. Matt and I agreed to 3 each and I can't wait to ask. We didn't want to ask too early but now it's getting exciting!

11. I have a lot of paperwork to get done today and all I can think about is the new furniture that could be here any minute now (we have a 9:30-12:30 time slot). Woohoo!!!

12. I'm on call this week and I don't like being on call. It means that I have to have my cell phone by me at all times and have to be careful when being out after business hours in case there is a call. Oh well, it's only about every 3 1/2-4 months.

13. Wow, this is 13 already huh? I didn't think I was going to be creative and then I just took off. Hope you enjoyed them. Leave me comments for goodness sakes!

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