Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The things that happen only in WI...or at least only makes "headline news" in WI

Dog chases deer into Wis. living complex
Mon Mar 31, 11:01 PM ET
KAUKUANA, Wis. - Some residents in an assisted living complex had quite a surprise when a deer jumped through the window. A witness told police a black dog was chasing six to seven deer when a deer jumped through a resident's closed window at St. Paul Home Friday afternoon.
"All of a sudden I hear all this glass break and there's a deer standing about three, four feet away from me, and I just, I've never screamed so loud in my life," nursing assistant Dana Hagglund said.
Laura Marquardt, a certified nursing assistant at the care facility, said no one was injury.
The deer ran down a hall and into one of the home's shower rooms, where it was corralled until tenants in the area were moved to safety, Marquardt said.
The deer then was steered toward an open patio door, where it made its escape.
Marquardt said she was unsure whether it was the same deer or a second deer that later ran across the patio and broke a second window but did not gain entry.


Goofy Girl said...

Hhaha that's a pretty funny story ;)

Janet said...

I'm glad the deers were ok!

Carmen said...

Hate to break it to you, but it's not just a WI thing. They showed a story on the Richmond (VA) news about a deer running into a post office after it had been hit by a car. It then lay down in a corner. And I got so caught up in the deer, then got mad because after a five minute story, they had to put the deer down. Sigh.

Eimi said...

hahaha that story is great!!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

The doggies are adjusting well. Hubby has a HUGE 100 pound standard poodle. We spent lots of time "adjusting" them to one another before the wedding.

Thanks for asking and visiting!!