Friday, April 25, 2008

My birthday

Well, I am another year older. Lets not remind me though. I was not excited at all for this birthday and my mom was driving me crazy reminding me about my birthday and that she planned a birthday "weekend" for me. Needless to say I was ready to go crazy after all that talk! On Saturday morning, my mom said my day would start between 10-10:30am. I am not a morning person. I won't even pretend that I am. parents show up at my apartment at 10:20am and I did not get up. They let themselves in and all of the sudden I hear, "get your ass out of bed!" I shot out of bed as it was my best friend, Erin, who lives 3 hours away. She had driven in to surprise me for the weekend! I, of course, started crying!!! It was such a wonderful surprise!

My mom then had set up a surprise for me and Erin at 1pm. We were dropped off at a salon and got manicures and pedicures. After that, my mom picked us up and we went back to my apartment where my parents had decorated my spare bathroom with Duke University stuff (I LOVE DUKE!) My parents then had a cookout at their house with all of my favorite foods. We had cake too :) We played some Apples to Apples and then Erin and I came back to my apartment and watched "Enchanted." I thought it was a very cute and creative movie!

The next day, my parents had a card with an Olive Garden gift card (my favorite restaurant) for Erin and me to have lunch. Soon after that, Erin had to leave to head home, but it was such a great weekend. I spent the rest of the day at my parent's house just thinking about what a fabulous weekend I had. My mom took some pictures of me and Erin but hasn't sent them to me yet. When I get them, I will post my favorite.

All-in-all, the dreaded birthday turned out to be a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself. Age is only a number and no matter what I'm doing in my life, I realize how blessed I am to have such a fabulous best friend and parents who love me and care enough to make an entire weekend all about me!


Goofy Girl said...

Awww, your parents had a really cute weekend set up for you. Very sweet!!

Janet said...

You're lucky to have parents who care so much :-) Glad you had a great time!

Carmen said...


Second, it sounds like your mom made it a great day. :)

Third, I like the new hair. :)

kailani said...

Aren't parents the best? Sounds like it turned out to be a great birthday after all! Happy Belated Birthday!

bleeding espresso said...

Happy belated b-day!!!!!

Gad you ended up having lots of fun :)

Eimi said...

So sorry that I am sooo late to comment on posts!! This is the sweetest story! It sounds like a wonderful birthday!