Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Well, it was Easter. This is the first year I didn't have a basket, but my easter bunny (my mom) is in FL so that makes it difficult to hide the basket from there. I'll live though, I swear.

Saturday, my dad and I took my mom down to the airport in Milwaukee. Now, I realized that it being Easter weekend that the airport would probably be busy, but seriously. The day before, all the flights had been cancelled due to weather, so there were people EVERYWHERE. There were also news crews everywhere interviewing people who were "stranded" at the airport. I had printed out the flight information for my mom and we went to stand in line at Continental. Her flight took off at 10:31am and we got there around 8:20am. We were still in line at 9:15am and still about 50 people back in line. I finally went up front and asked a new man what was going to happen with people who needed to get on flights that were in about an hour. He asked which flight I was on so I told him that I was flying to Detroit (no time to explain that my mom was the one flying!) and he informed me that "We don't fly to Detroit". Uhhh..yeah you do, it says so right here on my itinery. Well, he informs me that we've been in the WRONG line the entire time and that we had to go to Northwest. Nowhere on that paper did it say she was flying Northwest. Needless to say, I was angry. So I cut in at the Northwest line to ask a very rude worker what is going on with the flight leaving in an hour and thankfully she (rudely) informed me that there was a small line on the side that they were having for my mom's flight to make sure that everyone got checked in. So, whew. We got my mom checked in, her luggage was set, and she made it through security with enough time to use the bathroom. So, dad and I get back to the car and start the drive home when my phone rings. Her plane had just arrived (10:20am) and they were delayed until 10:48am. Ugh. Thankfully it wasn't a long delay and she still made her connection in Detroit (although she got there, had to find her gate, and get on the plane right away). She is now safely in FL, but who knows what her return flight will bring!

Sunday, we had a really nice meal with two of my cousins and their families. My dad grilled out steaks (marinated...yum!) and we had twice baked potatoes, pasta salad, veggies, macaroni (for my two year old cousin), and dinner rolls. For dessert we had a HUGE chocolate cake. We all rolled away from the table when we were done and then we just watched basketball for the afternoon.

It was definitely hard to go back to work today, but thankfully I have another fun weekend to look forward to!


Goofy Girl said...

Sounds so frustrating at the airport, I think that airlines have really gotten bad in customer service.

Easter dinner sounds yum!! :)

Carmen said...

airports are notoriously crappy places to be. :)

good that you have a fun weekend in store.

Janet said...

I hate when traveling is stressful; it should just be fun!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I'm glad you had such a fun weekend.

I just suffered some bad airplane Karma myself!

Eimi said...

Crazy airport issues. It is harder than ever to fly without issues.

I <3 twice baked potatoes.