Monday, March 03, 2008

And the little one went wii wii wii all the way home!

I want a WII. I can't find a WII. See the problem? I search and search. I swear it has become a new obsession. I can only imagine the people who line up outside stores waiting for them to open just to see if they got a wii in over-night. Okay, I'm not that obsessed, but it's close. If I go past a Wal-Mart, I stop just in case. There hasn't been one there yet, but what if the ONE time I don't stop they have one? Does everyone else have this problem or is it just me? Do other states have tons of them and WI is just slow?

Janet asked if I liked the Melting Pot. I did! I enjoyed being out with friends, and going on Ladies Night (Thursday night) was definitely a treat! The cheese was okay, but the meat, and the CHOCOLATE was amazing! I couldn't believe the dessert trays they brought out! Yummy. I can still imagine all that chocolate. I had a Carmel Apple Martini as well which was good (especially good since it was 2 for 1 martini night!) I would definitely go there again. I think next time I would get a different cheese though. They brought out apples to dip in the cheese. Is it just me or is that weird? I tried it and it was okay, but I seriously wonder who thought, "Let's put some apples with the cheese!" Oh well, we were there for 2 1/2 hours!!! And when I finally looked at the time I could NOT believe it had been that long. Definitely worth it!

Now it's getting ready for AZ on Friday. I can't wait. It's supposed to be 78 degrees the day I fly in. Oh to feel the warm sun again--yes, dramatic but when it hasn't been over 40 in the past 4 months, you would be dramatic too!!!!


Goofy Girl said...

I can't believe Wiis are hard to find... but I will tell my wii to send vibes so that you will get one too!!

I like the apples in the cheese because I love crunchy texture! My favorite is the cheddar garlic beer one.

I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy that warmth!!

Eimi said...

We will have to agree to disagree cause I will take the cheese over ANYTHING!! Then comes the chocolate. I could skip the main course and be happy with getting twice the cheese!! =)

Carmen said...

Ooooh. Arizona will be fun!

Goofy Girl had trouble getting her Wii, too. You'll get one. Just keep watching, get yourself on some lists, etc.

And the Melting Pot is great! Dipping stuff in chocolate is always a treat. I had my birthday "party" there.

sorry to be so absent.

Janet said...

mmm, cheese & apples is delish! Up around here, people actually sometimes put cheese on their apple pies, like ice cream!

Good luck with the Wii!