Friday, August 18, 2006

Party up in Here!

Thanks to Goofy girl for the banner...isn't she talented? She designed my blog too!!!!!!

Yes, there's a party! Carmen was nice enough to host a party this weekend and I thought I would do the same. This party is officially started. I have plenty of food, but surprise me with your "dishes" to pass! If you bring gifts, they can be left on the table right inside the door. Food can be put in the kitchen and the bathroom is down the hall to the left. We do have room to people to stay overnight, but it will be slumberpartyish (I made up that word)! Fiance will welcome some company as well so don't forget to say hi to him!

Music is started and fiance is in charge of tunes. You have a request, give them to him. Am I missing anything? Make yourself at home. Invite your friends and have them come on over!!!!

(I will pick a favorite gift at the end and will continue to update this post throughout the party!)


Janet said...

Am I the first guest? How perfect!

I thought I'd bring some pot brownies over, not sure why, maybe cause someone sent me this link today:

Fiance, could you play Dancing Days by Led Zeppelin? I'd be eternally grateful :-)

Carmen said...

Hey Amy, hey Fiance! What's up? I'm glad that Janet showed up for the party. I was a bit concerned that I'd showed up for the party and someone heard I was here and no one else would come. :)

Since it is now after lunch, and it's 5 o'clock somewhere, I am bringing the fixin's for Sex on the Beach (the drink, silly)

I think some Artichoke dip with chips would be yummy snacky food.

I've got my sleeping bag ready for the sleepover, and there will be no putting my bra in the freezer if I'm the first one asleep. Or writing on my face with marker.

I'm off to look for the right present. It's hard to do when all the work people are asking me to work. geesh. :)

DJ Fiance, I'd like to request Pink. "I'm comin up so you better get this party started." (singing)

Carmen said...

I found it! I found the gift. One for you and one for your fiance. :)

Mama Duck said...

Ooo, another party!! Thanks for the invite! My Lil' Duck is currently taking all the DVD's off my bookcases, and as he has snapped a few in half in the past, I can't stay around ;). I'm bringing you the ramen noodles that he just brought me from the pantry, ha ha ha. No need for thanks ;).

Melli said...

::Carrying HUGE tray of Buffalo Wings with choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese!::

Sooooooooo this is where the party is, eh? What are we celebrating this time? Oh yea... ant reduction! I remember now! Yea... maybe I'll just hold this tray... in case... you know...

Wing anyone?
(no... that's those little spices... i promise...)

Okay... well, I have to go shop for a gift, and run some other errands... but I'll be back!

Carmen - would you hold these for me please? Don't LET the ants get in them... Yes, the AUNTS can have some... Ugh! Sheeesh!

Renee said...

Ooooh a party with wings! I'm so there. Well since the garden is full of green tomatoes right now... I'll fry up some of those.

And for the gift... well since you have so many over for the slumberpartyish...I'll bring some air mattresses so they're all nice and comfy. They can be used afterward for extra guests or white water rafting. ;o)

Nice digs you got here...your designer is awesome,huh?

Carmen said...

Melli, I can't hold the wings silly! I'm double fisting drinks. :) The ants are all dead anyway. Now I can't say that Fiance won't eat 'em all if you set them down.

Popping back over to Renee's party for a bit. Will be back.

Goofy Girl said...

Ooo party time :) Yah!!

I'll def have some of those wings, I love wings!{110470}/categories%3C{113539}
I thought these would be fun!

Amy said...

Well hello there everyone! Thanks so much for coming to this wonderful party! Janet, your song has been honored and thank you for not taking your shirt off while fiance was playing it. Carmen, fiance was more than happy to "get this party started" with your song. Although fiance wasn't hugely excited about your gift, Carmen, I do have to say that I LOVE IT! Melli, the wings were a GREAT idea, however, please don't put them near fiance as he will have them all eaten. Goofy girl, how did you know that I LOVE PIER 1!!!!

Party on rock and rollers!

Carmen said...

Come on. Tell Fiance to get a little sense of humor. And to get used to it. ;) I was having a discussion with a friend today, who said after 6 years of marriage, you'd think her husband would just know that she's always right. ha ha.

So is it pajama time yet? So far, it's only a girls' sleepover.

Doesn't Fiance have any male friends he can invite? :)

Janet! Janet! Put that back on! Geesh. You gotta watch her. ;)

What's Goofy Girl doin' with that stethoscope? ;)

DJ Fiance, spin me some old school Prince or somethin'. Anything 80s. :)

Goofy Girl said...

LOL. I'm not doing anything with my stethoscope. I'm just playing doctor after all!

And if this is an all girls sleepover so far - who wants to do my hair? I like having my hair played with - just watch all the knots. ;)

Amy said...

Uh oh...I think fiance likes goofy girl with the stethoscope! And Carmen, he's on Thriller right now and will get to prince next!

JANET DID YOU PASS OUT ALREADY? I ran out and got some more beer, foo foo drinks and tequilla. Wow, watch your step there...WING DOWN!

Melli...we're out of Blue Cheese for the wings!!!! Who's still here?

Amy said...

Good morning everyone! I am going to the zoo today...anyone want to come? If you don't, I'll leave the door unlocked, feel free to make yourself at home and fiance is coming with me so....Carmen, you're in charge of music! See you later today (I figured Janet would come with me seeing as a zoo is a perfect place for tons of pictures!)

Carmen said...

Uh, oh. I'm in charge of music? You know it's gonna be all 80s, all the time.

Waaaah! I wanted to go to the zoo!

Goofy Girl, who did that to your hair? ;) You might never get a comb through it again.

My mom and I are going shopping. I'll be back.

Irish Church Lady :) said...


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Great new site! Very attractive looking and easy to read! YAY!

Enjoy the partay!! I've got some Lionel Richie playing at my place.

Carmen said...

All shopped out. Now I need some drinks. Daquaris anyone?

Goofy Girl said...

Ya make me one or two. How was your shopping?!

Amy said...

I'll take one! The zoo was a blast!!! We saw a lot of fiance's relatives (monkeys!) That was a lot of fun. How is everyone doing?

Janet said...

knock, knock, anyone home?

Amy said...

Yes, we're home Janet. Come on in!!!! We're just hanging out, playing some game cube...listening to music and eating plenty of food. Any requests?

Janet said...

Oooh, what's game cube? Can I play? As for music, how about some BNL? I've got a little gift for you, it's from Lush, I'll just put it over on the coffee table, k?

Janet said...

Oh, silly me, I left the gift in the car, here it is:

Amy said...

Gamecube is like a playstation but cheaper and easier :-) Sounds like other people I know too (oops...did I say that?) Of course you can play! BNL it is too...fiance get it started!

And that shouldn't have BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Here's your blogwarming prezzie

Googlefight Game

Have fun!