Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ants are not good roommates

Well, I haven't written in a couple days and for good reason. The room that houses the computer (spare bedroom/office) was infested with ants. We even had the flying ones (which means they made a nest). Well I freaked out and was calling the landlady to get someone in here. In the mean time, I felt creepy crawly all day and did not enjoy being in that room.

The "ant killer" came yesterday and found the nest and sprayed some good poison all over. We had to keep the door closed because of the smell, but went in there last night and WOW! I have never seen that many dead ants in my entire life. They were everywhere. I should have taken a picture. The "ant killer" said they got in through a hole in the window and then went into the vent thingy and stayed. Thankfully, he understood us not wanting them to make a permanent residence there and got rid of them. We put up 5 ant hotels (aka traps of poison) and we are finding more dead ones today. The room doesn't smell any more but I'm still paranoid of finding more live ants. I have been on an ant mission the past two days and it has distracted me from my blog :-)

Cross your fingers that the "ant killer" did the job or I may have a nervous breakdown trying to control all these ants!


Janet ( said...

Ants don't scare me as much as bees and spiders do!

Carmen said...

eeeewwww. I'm glad they're all dead. Reminds me of that Pink Panther joke. "dead ants, dead ants" not as funny without the joke. :)

Carmen said...

I'm here for the party! where is everyone? am I the only one here? Is there not REALLY a party, and I'm being tricked? I'm gonna go cry now. ;)

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Ants sure can get out of control really fast. I had them once in my old apt., and it seemed that no matter how much they came and sprayed those little things just weren't moving out.

Lucky you!

Renee said...

We used to get ants that went for the dirty laundry hamper...weird & ewwwe! Glad your ant killer gottem!