Friday, May 26, 2006

The Answers

Thanks to everyone who participated in my TT this week! I didn't realize that it would be so hard to guess the movies. Most of you got the 1st one right though! Here they are!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Big Daddy
3. Rumor Has It
4. The American President
5. Liar Liar
6. The Cutting Edge
7. Billy Madison
8. Legally Blonde
9. Billy Madison
10. Ocean's 11
11. Shawshank Redemption
12. Tommy Boy
13. The Wedding Singer

Thanks again to all that played. I'll have to come up with something else now for next week!!! Happy Friday!

1 comment:

Maribeth said...

Of all of those, the only ones I've seen are 4 and 8. Call me dull, I just don't get out much. ;~)