Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here comes the....cold?

Well, it's turned cold here again. I don't know why I'm not prepared for it. I have lived here all my life and every year...it gets cold. However, I am somehow surprised at the cold every year, like I can't believe it's cold. It's strange really. We were spoiled with some nice weather into October and November has definitely not been kind. It was only 17 degrees when I woke up this morning. Let me just say, I had difficulty getting and staying out of bed knowing that little fact!

A friend and I were discussing PMSing yesterday. It actually turned into quite a funny conversation. She was discussing that things she normally does not get upset or frustrated with can just be the biggest deal while she is PMSing. I said that I have the same thing and that I then become upset with myself for being upset over those things. We both started laughing when we realized how silly that was but that we still continue to do it every month! Does anyone else have that?

Well, I went to look at apartments down near Milwaukee this weekend. I actually found a really nice one that I really like. Now the only problem is figuring out if I can afford it. The economy isn't the hottest and although currently my job is stable, it's scary to look around at other places cutting jobs and people struggling who have always seemed to get by easily. It makes me nervous that perhaps I should reconsider moving knowing that what I have now I can afford and I'm stable. With everything else in my life up in the air, it's difficult to not have something that I can be concrete about. Thankfully this has not kept me from sleeping otherwise I would really be hurting. Normally when I have this much stress or uncertainty, I will not be able to sleep. But I am thanking my lucky stars as every night when I lay down, I am almost always able to go right to sleep. Whew. At least I'm resting!


Janet said...

Yes, I am like that too! Gah.

Goofy Girl said...

You and I are the same about the cold!! Brrrr!

I don't know if I do much of the being hard on myself during PMS. I am kind of always like that, but I tell that voice to shut it a lot ;)

It's hard when everything is up in the air. But it can be exciting... or at least that's what I tell myself ;) hehe!