Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And time goes on....

I've had interesting conversations with people lately. We've talked about broken promises and the idea of "forever." Often times, people fall in love "forever." My comment was that I didn't realize that "forever" was so short. The process of falling in love is so fun, innocent and youthful. The process of "falling out" isn't so fun. It's often like comment people will make about having children "nobody tells you about this stuff." I feel the same could be said for being in love and losing that love. Nobody tells you of the pain and hurt that one feels when that happens. Nobody tells you about the process of rebuilding that takes place after this. But looking back, everyone goes through that process differently and any "tips" may not have been welcome at the time.
So...I am through the "falling out" and am through the rebuilding. I am feeling more confident in myself and in my independence. I have a friend who is divorced and a little older than me who wrote me this the other day:
"Being single at any age can be difficult, it is a matter of defining it differently for yourself. You have your life, you have friends, you have a decent job, you do fun things……'re not dating now because you're selective. If it was a matter of having a date – both of us would be with someone right now. You have gotten to the point earlier than most, where you don’t NEED a man to have self esteem, you want someone that is an equal."
Needless to say, I'm ready. So we'll see what happens. I am being selective, but I think that's okay.


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Hey girl! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing so well. I know that things are just going to keep getting better and better!

Goofy Girl said...

I think being selective is good, but all in the balance of giving people a fair chance. :) If you so want it, someday someone will be very lucky to have you!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Heather someday someone will be very lucky to have you.
But then again I always knew that.

It's me,
Your Mom

Carmen said...

Nothing wrong with being picky - and don't you let anyone else tell you different.

That's not to say that "dating" isn't fun. It just gets you out and gets you practice. Though I never liked it much.