Monday, September 10, 2007

Harry Potter

Well, I finished Harry Potter (actually I finished a while ago but haven't been in the mood to post lately). I have lots of things I am ready to say and post on here, but wanted to start with the most important:

Peanut helped me finish it up. It was a great book and I know others have posted what they think, so I won't use a lot of space for it. I really enjoyed the book and felt that JK did a good job of doing what she could to tie everything up. There are still questions I have, but also know that the movie will be interesting to see.

Up next for posting: 9 months of healing: The Aftermath


Janet said...

What kind of questions? Peanut looks like a great reading partner!

kailani said...

Glad you enjoyed the book. I have yet to read a single one. hee hee

Goofy Girl said...

Awww peanut is soooo adorable!!

Carmen said...

Did you and Peanut not just LOVE it? I've already read it twice. I know, I'm a big nerd. ;)