Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Does she even blog any more?

You don't have to send out the search team...I'm right here! And I made it. I made it through 3/15/07. I do have to pat myself on the back. I had a lot of phone calls and cards and emails which made the day so much better than it would have otherwise been. Although there were tears and "how did I get to this place?" there were also moments of "this is the path my life is taking now." I swear, every day, I am getting smarter (okay, just allow me that moment please).

Anyway, this week I am on spring break. WOOHOO....Amy Freedom Festival....uh not quite. I still had internship on Monday and tomorrow, but I am taking tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday off work and am going up to my parents house. It's like some quiet time and relaxation and time away from everything that could normally cramp up my day.

I already have an oil change, hair appointment and hopefully an eye appointment set up. Let's just say that I am catching up on all the things I don't have time for normally. Which is wonderful because I have parents to drive me around as well. Let me tell you, I drive about 2,000 miles a month for my job. I spend my life in the car. I live in my car. So when I tell you that I have parents who will drive me around....it's not that I can't do it myself, it's that I am SO SICK of the car that I need time to be the passenger and say "did you see that?" and "ooooo look at that ugly pink house." All those things I shouldn't be doing while driving (but secretly do anyway.)

My cousin has surgery tomorrow so I will be visiting him as well. Unfortunately, there is a lot of family drama going on (I just hate drama too....save the drama for your momma), and so my cousin really needs the support.

I had ordered the other two books in the Shopoholic series from www.half.com and they already got here. Usually with media mail they take longer, but this one actually didn't take long at all so I was really excited about that.

I'm also trying to figure out my summer and fall schedule for school and let me tell you....I AM STRESSED OUT! Who knew figuring out what classes to take so that I can get another piece of paper that tells me I'm qualified for something I don't think I am would be so DAMN exhausting??? Whew, I feel better now.

Okay, I'm off to get ready for the Freedom Festival. I'll be checking in on all of you while I'm gone. Enjoy the week!


Goofy Girl said...

Wow, you do a lot of driving. I can understand not wanting to drive after that!

Hope the family stuff goes ok, drama is no fun!!

Good luck with figuring out your classes, at this point I don't hvae a choice and it is kind of nice not trying to figure out what fits in when etc.

Janet said...

Hope your cousin feels better soon! Enjoy your time off :-)

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

What? An ugly pink house? Could there really be such a thing?!?!


I'm glad to hear that you are having a few days to at least catch your breath. I've been putting off a trip to the eye dr. too.

hugs and chihuahua kisses

Carmen said...

Amy's Free! Amy's Free! Enjoy being a passenger for a few days.

Amy said...

All that driving sounds awful. I am one of those people that drives to get somewhere, not for fun. Sounds like you are the same.

I read the first shopaholic book years ago but haven't ready any since. You will have to let me know what you think. =)

Congrats on getting thru the hard day... =)

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I'm just stoppin' by to say "hi!" I hope that you are having a nice time relaxing and are enjoying your break before the rat race begins again on Monday.

The girls want me to tell you to tell Carmel hi for them.