Friday, March 10, 2006

Wow, I'm not on the ball lately

Well, I have officially missed TWO Thursday 13's and never updated on RENT!

Rent was amazing by the way...Matt didn't enjoy it, but then again, I didn't really expect that he would. I loved it though! It was my second time seeing it preformed and it was worth the money. I'm telling you...if you haven't seen it performed....go see it!!!

Now on to a 13....

13 Things--Anniversary Edition

Matt and I will celebrate two years on the 15th (next Wednesday!)

1. We met through a friend, before a Matt Wertz concert at Acoustic

2. He proposed in Elk Mound while he had broncitis (and on our 1 year anniversary!)

3. We are getting married August 11, 2007

4. We both want to honeymoon some place exotic like St. Lucia or Fiji :-)

5. We have only had 3 really big fights

6. We both want a puppy but don't agree on the type...we also can't because our apartment managers are mean and don't like dogs!

7. We are both very sarcastic which can be a positive and a negative!

8. He is older than me by a little over 2 years!

9. We have very different personalities, he loves to be active and go on adventures, I would rather curl up and watch a movie or hang out at home with friends.

10. I snore, Matt doesn't

11. I get the underground parking spot and Matt's car has to live outside

12. Matt makes me laugh with his humor and jokes, I make Matt laugh with my silliness and attempts at making jokes!

13. We both love each other very much and can't believe we're at two years already! Wow how times flies!

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