Friday, March 24, 2006

A late Thursday

Well, hello there!

This is a late Thursday 13...but better late than never. So I decided to see how many of you really read this and will only be posting some things on here to see what you guys say! We'll see how many look then!

Here are 13 things I am looking foward to:

1. One day getting a puppy

2. Owning a home

3. Getting married

4. Getting my masters

5. Going to more concerts

6. Have a consistently clean house

7. Seeing my Grandma in June!!

8. Having my sister move closer

9. Going on a honeymoon!!!

10. Seeing Matt get his doctorate in Physical Therapy

11. Don't tell Matt, but....eventually having kids!

12. I want to see Germany again

13. Did I mention getting married?????

1 comment:

Katie said...

YAY for me moving closer :) and ps. when i start my real job...lets take that trip to germany!!! ly, katie