Monday, October 31, 2005


Hello everyone! It's been a while since I updated! Ooops! These past few weeks have really flown by. I was up in the cities for two 1/2 days for training and then the rest of the time has literally flown by. This past weekend, Matt and I were up in Appleton celebrating his and my dad's birthdays. Matt's is tomorrow and my dad's was the 27th. We went to Prime Quarter and then had some cake at home. My parents and I took Matt to the Scheels store in Appleton. It's the largest sport's store in the state and I think that Matt fell in love. It really is a beautiful store and they have everything. I found a new winter coat which is awesome! It was a crappy ride back home as it was really raining and I almost got rear ended by a lady who was on her phone, not paying attention and had a young child in the backseat who did not have a seat belt on--how do these people have children??? I don't get it.

Last Saturday, I went to a funeral with my mom. It's a family friend who had a stillborn baby and the mom is actually very fortunate to be a live. This was her second loss of a baby and it was so sad. These two people are so loving and caring and yet they are not able to have a child. Her uterus actually burst which caused her to have to have surgery as well and so she will not be able to ever have children. So sad for two people who desperately want to have children. They are going to take a vacation after all the funeral stuff is taken care of and then they are going to look into other options of having a child. I guess she really wants to look into having another lady carry their child. I just hope they are able to get through this second loss. It was one of the saddest funerals I have ever been to.

On the happier side, my mom and I (and possibly Matt) are going to look at halls for our reception on November 11th. I have a holiday because of Veterans Day and my mom is off on Fridays so it'll work out. Matt wasn't sure if he was going to come this time or when I have it narrowed down to my top three! I have quite a few halls I want to look at and my mom has some suggestions too!

Well, I better get to work. Happy Halloween everyone! Dress spooky today :-)

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