Thursday, August 25, 2011

Over a year later....

Life has a way of catching up with you. It's amazing as I sit here and write to think about everything that has happened in the past year...and not just in my life. I think about friends that have gotten married, had babies and some who have done both in the that year's time. I've done more traveling, experienced new things (love sushi now after refusing to ever try it!), and have made and lost friends.

I still travel for FL frequently with the hope and goal of moving there some day (sooner rather than later). I have now experienced NYC, Baltimore, DC and Annapolis. I got to go to a national confernce through work that was in Orlando and then extended the trip to visit with family. I also got to personally experience how fast life can be taken away...or so you think. My grandma, who is 85, was up here visiting in June when she got sick. By the time she was flying back to FL, she could barely stand on her own. She went to the dr and was treated for pneumonia. A short while later, she couldn't breathe well and went to the hospital and was admitted. She was doing well and was getting ready to be discharged, when she suffered a double cardiac arrest. She was put on a ventilator and the family was told that she most likely would not make it through the night. We got my mom a flight down there the following morning and she was with her mom. The next day after my mom got there, when she arrived at the hospital, my Grandma was sitting up in the bed....ventilator out, asking what everyone was doing that day. The drs could not explain it and could not believe it. She was discharged a few days later and is doing great. It is something that cannot be explained except that we are very blessed that she is still with us and has gotten her spunk back! I was lucky to be going down there for a conference anyway so was able to see her and help her when she returned home. She's gaining her strength back every day and is a walking miracle to us :)

I'm still working at the same job, although I'm looking elsewhere. Unfortunately, I'm struggling with my current position with a supervisor who does not value anything any of her employees do. My position is stressful enough without feeling supported. I don't expect my supervisor to be my friend, but I do expect some support. So it's been a struggle lately of staying sane in a complicated situation. Last October, my agency had everyone re-apply for our positions as they were "restructuring" the agency and the job duties were new. I was lucky to retain a position but it's been stressful and confusing attempting to learn the new positions with higher case loads and no understanding. So cross your fingers that I'll find something else (perferably in FL!) that will be a great match.

So...since it's been a year....what's new with everyone else????


Heather said...

Wow thats some story about your grandma!! She's got a great spirit! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you about the job!

I've had a big year myself- baby :)

Janet said...

I loved that the story about your Grandma had a fantastic outcome!

Let's see...I've fought cancer and am currently cancer-free (yay me!), the old friend I looked up on Facebook moved in with me last February, and I've had the most amazing summer!

Glad to see your post, good luck with the job hunt in FL!

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