Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did anyone else realize it's June?

I wish that Wisconsin would figure out it's summer and turn the heat on outside! It's been rainy (think: Seattle) and chilly. I'm not a fan of having to bring out my sweaters or jackets when it's June. My mom actually turned the heat on this past weekend because it was in the 50s and the chill wouldn't get out of their house. It was crazy! Now, I do fully realize that it'll be July or August and I'll be complaining about it being so humid and not wanting to even go outside and that my hair now lives in more than 1 zip code due to the humidity, but for now...I'm going to complain about it being cold. Today was a little better in the 60s and I commented that unforunately that seemed really warm due to the fact that the sun hadn't seen Wisconsin in quite a few days.

Overall though, I still can't believe it's June. I remember talking a few months ago about being so excited for summer to start and all the things I have planned and now it's here. Wow.

Well, I've had a pretty draining week so far so I'm headed to bed, but as always, wanted to put my two cents into whatever was bothering me at the moment :)


Janet said...

RIght now, I am FREEZING!!! 6/11/09. FREEZING!

Goofy Girl said...

I agree - I can't believe summer is practically here!! And its been kind of blah here as well - I miss the sunshine!