Saturday, December 15, 2007

CONTEST: Name that puppy! *Sticky Post* *UPDATED and scroll down for new entries!*

Okay, so my parents are getting a new puppy after Christmas. Here is the problem: what the heck do we name her? So far my parents have Peanut and Carmel (and lost Cashew under 2 years ago). So...the names need to go together, but doesn't have to be a nut :)

So I am holding a contest. Submit your suggestion(s) for a puppy name (only one suggestion per comment, but you can put more than one comment--up to 5) and from the list, we will hopefully find a winner. Please have your submissions in by December 10th.

If you want to enter here is what you do:
--leave a comment (up to 5) with your suggestion
--post about this contest on your website with a link back to here! *Make sure to do this in order for your suggestion to be considered and to win the prize!

That's it. The winner will be picked soon after December 10th and will be contacted about the prize (which is a surprise!). Here is a picture of the new puppy to help:


Lindsey said...

The puppy is sooo cute!! What kind is it? And my name suggestions are Butter or Walnut...Peanut, Butter, and Carmel or Peanut, Walnut, and Carmel go well together! PS I miss you and hope things are going well for you!What's the job interview/status update? Love ya, Linds

Eimi said...

I suggest Ralph. He looks a bit like the dog I had when I was a child and his name was Ralph. If not Ralph, then Snickers.

Janet said...

Coffee! He is the color of a light, sweet cup of coffee :-)

kailani said...

How about Butterscotch? hee hee

Janet said...

Amy, sorry! My regular blog is having some problems, so I'm blogging at my photoblog for the time being!

pinkjagxj said...

I've gotta go with "Popcorn"!!

Amy said...

I say Scrunch
My husband says Lucky
My two year old says Lovey

Anonymous said...

Barky von Schnauzer!