Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday

Well, today is a day of rest! Yesterday was quite the day. I LOVE Black Friday. I started the tradition a few years ago with my mom and still do it. The outlet mall that is 30 min. away opened at midnight on Friday. So, yes, I was one of the crazies that was there. I went to Carter's to get some baby clothes (at 70% off!) and then went to Harry and David's and got an extra 25% off my entire purchase. Not too bad!

Then it was back home to sleep for a couple hours. Then up at 3am to get ready to attempt Kohl's. I think I may have single handedly brought the US out of debt. I got everything I wanted (and then some) and because I stood in line for over an hour with my dad, I found even more (he stood in line and I continued to shop!) I am now done with Christmas shopping though. That is what I love about Black Friday. I shop for only one day and poof I'm done.

Does anyone else venture out on Black Friday? If so, what were you looking for?


Goofy Girl said...

Nice that you got all your shopping done :)

Janet said...

LOL! Noooooooo I value my sleep too much! Glad you had a good time, tho!

baby advice said...

This was my first Black Friday!! I LOVED it! I got such great deals on toys and clothes! The reason that I went was to get a laptop and gps...they were sooooo cheap!

Eimi said...

One day done is impressive. I never even know who I will be buying for til later than that. As of now, I am about a third done. =)