Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am still alive...

Thirteen reasons I don't have time to blog anymore....

1. Grad school--I don't know who thought doing grad school and working was a good idea.
2. Wedding planning--It's fun stuff but wow is it time consuming!
3. Homework--I think this one goes along with #1
4. Commutes--the commute time really kills me especially since it's 45 min. one way to school (that's without traffic!!!!)
5. Late night working--since I go to school during the day and night and I have internship, I am working later hours which take away from blogging!
6. Internship--I'm at the hospital three times a week by 7 am (with a 30 min commute) so that's not too fun
7. Trying to see fiance--the times I'm not doing the above 6, I'm attempting #7
8. Sleep--although I haven't gotten a lot lately
9. Being sick--Fiance and I are both sick right now too!
10. Boring--you guys are just boring me (just seeing if you are actually reading this or not!!!!)
11. Complaining--I feel like all I would write would be complaining about all the stuff I have to do
12. Maintaining the apartment--when I'm gone about 10-12 hours a day and fiance is working full-time, it's hard to find time for dishes
13. I do--miss the blogging world and I still try to make time to read everyone's posts to keep up on your lives! I hope you miss me too!!!!!

Thanks for reading :-)


TC said...

Wow you really are a busy bee!


You sure are busy like an ant. Anyway, those are more important things to do than blogging. Just try not to forget us.
My TT13 is up too.

Maribeth said...

You are pretty busy! But remember, we miss you!

Carmen said...

i, for one, have missed you! I know it's hard to do all this stuff that you're doing. I hope you and fiance feel better soon.

Janet said...

I totally miss you, but you're living life, so I understand :-)

Candy Minx said...

Sheesh that is a lot of stuff going on...and blogging does take time. sometimes not a lot. But I find it kind of a comfort to just read blogs and surf around a bit sometimes maybe you will need to blow off steama nd rant...but I wish you the best of luck in all your future plans and projects.

here is my TT list...if you have time:)

Goofy Girl said...

Sounds like you've been so busy recently, I've missed seeing you around!! :)

Chelle Y. said...

What!?! I'm boring? No, I am not! Haha!

kailani said...

What a busy person! How do you find time to do all that?

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

This is such a refreshing TT because I've been super busy and thus, my blogging has lacked also.

Hey, at least we are in it together. Maybe things'll be better for you once you've been in school a little while longer and you have a better routine. Being well instead of sick could help as well.

And I'd like to correct you...I'm only boring some of the time. ;)

Zach said...


Glad you are finding a little bit of time in your life. What a cruel joke grad school is. I took 6 credits this summer to renew my license and I swore it was going to kill me - and I got to take the courses from the comfort of my own living room.

Keep up the good work!