Thursday, February 09, 2006

It must be Thursday again!

Here it is again! Enjoy :-)

13 Things going through my mind right now....

1. If I go to bed now, I can still get 8 hours of sleep...

2. I have to drive over 200 miles tomorrow....ick

3. Did I turn off the oven?

4. What am I going to wear tomorrow?

5. I wonder if the photographer I want is already booked

6. How does my office desk get soooo cluttered?

7. I can't believe it's already February 9th!

8. I can't believe I'm going to EC next week and that I don't have enough time to see everyone and do everything I would like to!

9. What am I going to get Matt for Valentine's Day?

10. I miss seeing my sister.

11. I'm nervous about getting into graduate school.

12. Why didn't Pornes have trivia today?

13. Am I done with the 13 yet so I can go to bed?


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